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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Farmer became rich by cultivating this crop, earning profit of Rs 8 lakh in a year

Farmer Mayanand Vishwas says that farming in one acre costs around Rs 1 lakh. But they produce up to 20 quintals of Parwal in a month. Parwal is sold in the market for Rs 2000-4000 per quintal. In this way, they are earning Rs 80 thousand by selling parwal in a month.

Most of the people like to eat parwal vegetable. It is easily available in the market throughout the year. But it is cultivated most in the summer season. Parwal is such a crop, the profit of which is many times more than the cost of cultivation. Its biggest feature is that once cultivated, you can get production from it for 9 months. This is the reason why farmers in Bihar are cultivating parwal on a large scale. The income of many farmers has increased due to its cultivation.

One such farmer is Mayanand Vishwas, who has become rich from Parwal cultivation. He is a resident of Baneli Scindia of Kasba block in Purnia district. He is cultivating 8 types of Parwal in his village. He has been cultivating Parwal since 2013. He says that once you cultivate Parwal, you can harvest vegetables from it for 9 months. There is a profit of lakhs of rupees in its cultivation.

Came to village and started Parwal cultivation

According to farmer Mayanand Vishwas, like humans, vegetables also have male and female species. This is the reason why he has been cultivating Parwal by mixing both male and female compositions for the last 10 years. The special thing is that before starting Parwal cultivation, he had taken complete information about it from Sabour Agricultural School, Bhagalpur. After this he came to the village and started cultivating parwal.

Earns so many lakhs of rupees

Presently he has cultivated Parwal in one acre. There are 8 varieties of parwal in it. If farmer Mayanand Vishwas is to be believed, he earns a profit of Rs 8 lakh from Parwal cultivation in 9 months. He says that many farmers do not want to cultivate parwal because they do not have complete information. Many farmers also suffer losses in its cultivation. Therefore, farmers will have to plant both male and female Parwal plants in their fields. He says that he also grows other crops on the vacant places in Parwal's field.

He says that he earns a profit of Rs 8 lakh in a year by deducting the costs. Presently, Parwal of Rajendra 2, Swarna Aloukit, Rajendra 1, Swarna Rekha, Dandari, Bengal Jyoti and Dudayari varieties are grown in the field of farmer Mayanand Vishwas.

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