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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

E Challan: How many times can a challan be deducted in a day? Know the answer here

Car Challan: If you also travel by personal car or bike and you also feel that challan can be deducted only once in a day, then this information is for you. Here we will tell you how many times a challan can be issued for your bike or car in a day. Know the answer to every question related to this here and avoid making this mistake.

Many people think that if they are issued a challan once a day then they can roam around happily the whole day, now they cannot be issued a challan again. You must have heard such things from almost everyone. But do you know how much truth and lie behind it? Most of you do not know the complete truth about this. For this, today we will tell you the further truth about this matter. After which you will avoid making such mistakes and will also be saved from heavy challan. Actually the truth is that any car/bike can be challaned more than once in a day.

Here we will tell you in which cases one challan is appropriate in a day and in which cases your challan can be deducted more than once.

Once the challan is made, the challan does not happen?

Although it would be wrong to say that after being challaned once in a day, you cannot be challaned a second time, in some cases, there is a possibility that you may not be challaned again after being challaned once in a day, but this is not so in every case. It happens. For example, if you violate a rule once in a day and have been issued a challan, then it is possible that if you break that rule again, you may not be issued a challan. Note that this happens only in a few cases. If you break any other rule or violate the rules repeatedly, you may be issued a challan not just once but several times a day.

Some cases like riding on a bike, scooter etc. without a helmet are such cases that once you leave the house, this mistake cannot be rectified. In such a situation, once the police issues the challan, they can leave you for the whole day. However, if you break the e-air rules, your challan will be issued.


Challans like overspeeding, red light crossing, etc., will be issued to you every time you break the rules or come in the sight of the cameras installed on the road. It does not mean that once a challan has been issued, it cannot be issued a second time. These are rules that you can correct once you make the mistake of breaking them. In such a situation, if you repeat this mistake again and again, challan may be issued several times in a day.

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