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Friday, September 15, 2023

Do not pick up calls coming from these numbers, otherwise your account will be emptied.

Cyber ​​expert Kislay Chaudhary says that cyber thugs call again and again even if the call is not answered once. Therefore avoid picking up unknown calls. However, some smart phones alert about junk calls when they receive fraud calls. Therefore, be careful before receiving unknown calls.

As digitalization is increasing in the country, cyber criminals are also becoming advanced. They are using smart technologies to commit fraud or fraud. You will not even know and the money will disappear from your account as soon as you receive the phone call. In fact, these days the cases of fraud have increased in the entire country including Delhi-NCR. Fraudsters have become so technologically hi-tech that they are preying on common people by just making a phone call. Pick up the phone, money is being deducted from the account. Actually, the banks are not deducting this money, but cyber fraudsters are using the techniques to wash their hands.

Recently, a shocking case of cyber crime came to light in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. A woman's phone rings and as soon as she picks up the call, she gets a message that Rs 1 has been deducted from her account. In the next 10 seconds, Rs 9,999 is withdrawn from the woman's account. The woman talks to the caller for only 19 to 20 seconds and in that time her account gets emptied. When the woman realizes the number is wrong, she wants to disconnect the phone, but the phone is not disconnected. On the contrary, Rs 10,000 were deducted from his account twice. Now the woman is making rounds of the bank to get her money back.

Not sending any link

This is a strange incident of cyber fraud. Now cyber criminals are not sending any link to the other person to commit fraud. They are not even calling people and asking for OTP. Not even asking to click on the link. Now money is disappearing from the account as soon as you pick up the phone. After all, what kind of fraud is this, let us know from cyber experts.

Fraud by adopting advanced method

Cyber ​​expert Kislay Choudhary says that similar incidents of fraud have happened in Aligarh, now similar incidents are happening in Delhi also. Now cyber criminals are committing cyber fraud only through calls. Whereas, earlier he used to call and call himself a bank officer. They used to ask for OTP or code by luring or fearing the account being closed and after that they used to withdraw all the money from the account. But now the fraudsters are not asking for OTP. Now they are emptying their accounts by adopting more advanced methods than before.

Otherwise you will become a victim of fraud

If Kislay Chaudhary is to be believed, now thugs are preying on people living abroad. They call people while sitting abroad. After the person picks up the phone and asks for the name and address, within that time they decode the settings of the phone and withdraw money from the account. Their work is done in seconds. In such a situation, Kislay says that if you get a call from international numbers, do not receive it. The country code of India is plus 91, which is written at the front of the mobile number. Apart from this, if you are getting a call from any other code then it could be an international junk or fraud call. Therefore do not pick up such calls. Otherwise you will become a victim of fraud.

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