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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Diabetes: Can walking 10 thousand steps daily save you from diabetes? Learn from experts

The number of diabetic patients in India is more than 10 crores. Now children are also falling victim to this disease. Walking is said to be very beneficial in diabetes, but can diabetes be kept under control by walking?

The number of patients suffering from diabetes is increasing every year. This disease is spreading due to wrong eating habits. This disease occurs due to increase in sugar level in the body. Due to diabetes many other parts of the body are also affected. This also affects the heart, kidneys and eyes. To prevent diabetes, doctors recommend good eating habits, 8 hours of sleep and exercise. It has also been said in some research that walking is very beneficial to keep this disease under control. Research by the American Diabetes Association has claimed that walking 10 thousand steps every day keeps diabetes under control, but can all people avoid this disease by doing so? Let us know about this from experts.

Dr. Swapnil Jain, an endocrinologist in Delhi, says that walking is very beneficial to keep diabetes under control, but this is not the case for all patients. In people who have diabetes due to genetic reasons, this disease occurs after birth. This is called type-1 diabetes. In this disease there is a need to take insulin.

Some people have to live with insulin throughout their life. Diabetes can be controlled by changing the diet and improving lifestyle, but it is not that if a patient suffering from Type 1 diabetes walks 10 thousand steps every day, he will not need to take insulin.

Benefit for people with type 2 diabetes

Dr. Jain says that people who are suffering from type-2 diabetes get a lot of benefit from walking. If you take care of your diet and walk 10 thousand steps every day, then diabetes remains under control. If such people take proper care of themselves then the sugar level always remains under control. However, it is not necessary that you start walking 10 thousand steps from the very first day.

Make a habit of walking slowly, initially you can start by walking two to three thousand steps. After that you can increase your walk. During this time, you also have to keep in mind that your diet should also be correct. You can plan your diet as per the doctor's advice.

Do not ignore these symptoms

feeling thirsty again and again

Change in appetite patterns

more fatigue

frequent urination

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