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Sunday, September 10, 2023

China's arrogance reduced, this is how India showed its strength to the dragon by getting these 4 things agreed in G20

The G20 Summit has concluded. Along with this, the world is now accepting the irony of India's G20 presidency. In this summit, India has worked to reduce China's arrogance by getting the countries of the world to agree to 4 things.

The G20 summit has concluded in India. On Sunday, the second day of the summit, leaders from all over the world also visited Rajghat to visit the Samadhi of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. But this time in G20, some such things happened which proved the strength of India's diplomacy. At the same time, some decisions were taken which helped in reducing the arrogance of China.

The biggest thing that happened during India's presidency of G20 was that the 'Leaders Joint Statement' was approved on the very first day. Not only this, the 'New Delhi Manifesto' was passed unanimously. That means neither the western world is angry, nor any dispute with the eastern countries. Apart from this, some decisions were taken in the bilateral talks which showed China its status.

4 big decisions that took away China's pride

These 4 major decisions were taken in the G20 and India's bilateral talks with other countries, which have helped in deflating China's arrogance.

1. A project to build a trade corridor from India to Europe via Western Asia has been agreed upon. This is a project to revive India's ancient 'Masala Route'. It is being considered as the answer to China's 'Belt and Road Initiative' (BRI). In this way India will get a chance to move ahead of China in terms of trade.

2. There has been an agreement between India and America to develop 6G technology. The alliance and MoU prepared for this will not only focus on developing technology but will also focus on developing its supply chain. This will reduce the muscle power in China's connectivity device sector. Currently, China has dominance in the world market in terms of 5G.

3. India and America have agreed to jointly create a 'Renewable Infrastructure Investment Fund' worth Rs 8300 crore. The work of this fund is to promote battery storage and green technology. India wants to transfer itself to e-mobility very rapidly. But China has dominance in the matter of batteries, lithium etc. This initiative will help India leave China behind.

4. Regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, China and Russia are on one side and Western countries are on the other side. In such a situation, reaching consensus on the New Delhi Declaration in G20 is also a step to show down China. Without angering any country, India reached agreement on the joint statement, which could not be reached in more than 200 meetings of the G20.

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