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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Bhavish got the idea of ​​Ola Cabs after having a fight with the driver, today his net worth is so many crores

After the success of Ola Cab Service, Bhavish Aggarwal started another company named Ola Electric in the year 2017. The special thing is that the company manufactures electric two-wheelers. Last year Bhavish Aggarwal had earned around Rs 2400 crore. Whereas, in 2022 his total wealth was Rs 11700 crore.

From small towns to metros, when people have to go out of their homes, their first choice is Ola. A family member books Ola online 10 minutes before leaving home and within no time the Ola cab comes and stands outside the gate. After this, the whole family comfortably sits in Ola and goes towards their destination. But do you know the story of the beginning of Ola cab service, if not then today we will tell you. It is a very interesting story.

Ola service has been started by IIT graduate Bhavish Aggarwal. The special thing is that the idea of ​​starting this cab service came to his mind after a fight with a driver. One day Bhavish Aggarwal was going somewhere by taxi. But even before landing at the destination, Bhavish had a dispute with the taxi driver over his arbitrariness. The cab driver was asking for a higher fare. In such a situation, an idea came to his mind that why should a cab service be started whose fares would be low. Besides, the driver should also have good behavior and be responsible towards his work. Apart from this, people can book a taxi sitting at home.

Were going from Bengaluru to Bandipur by taxi

Actually, Bhavish Aggarwal was going on a weekend trip with his friends by hiring a taxi from Bengaluru to Bandipur. But the driver stopped his car midway and started demanding more fare than the fixed rate. People explained a lot to the driver but he did not agree. In such a situation, Bhavish and his friends had to complete the journey to Bandipur by bus. During this time, the dispute with the taxi driver kept revolving in Bhavish's mind. Then the idea of ​​starting Ola taxi service came to his mind.

The decision to start cab service was not easy

However, the decision to leave a good job and start a cab service was not easy. When he shared this idea with his family members, they did not agree to it. Despite this, Bhavish Aggarwal did not give up and in the year 2011 started Ola Cabs in Bengaluru along with Ankit Bhati. His idea became successful in a very short time. Gradually Ola cab service spread across the country. The situation is that today Ola app is downloaded in the smartphones of crores of people in the country. Whenever someone has to go somewhere, he books Ola only. According to DNA report, the valuation of Ola Cab has reached 4.8 billion dollars i.e. Rs 39832 crore.

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