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Friday, September 15, 2023

Attention A person died after eating pasta, do you also make such a mistake?

An years old incident from Belgium is going viral again, in which it is said that a person had died after eating stale pasta. He had eaten five-day old pasta, after which his condition worsened.

There are some food items which have now become common. People eat those things in almost every house. This includes things like Maggi and pasta. Especially children like these very much. If you have children in your house then you must know how much they like to eat Maggi or pasta. Many times they start insisting on eating such things every day. Although they are a little harmful for health, hence they should not be given to children every day, but do you know that eating pasta can also lead to death? Yes, one such case is in the news these days, which has shocked people.

Actually, a person from Belgium has died after eating pasta. Actually, the matter is such that the person had eaten stale pasta, for which he had to pay the price with his life. It is common to eat stale things. Many times it happens that people eat the things prepared at night the next morning, but if you eat the same food after 5 days, then obviously it will prove to be harmful for health. Something similar had happened with the person also. He had eaten 5 days old pasta, after which his condition deteriorated to such an extent that he almost died.

Stale pasta took my life

According to Mirror's report, the man's name is AJ and he was only 20 years old. The whole matter is like this that one day the person had prepared pasta, but he did not eat it and went somewhere. Then when he returned home after five days, when he was hungry, he reheated the same pasta, added sauce to it and ate it. After half an hour his condition started deteriorating. He started having problems like stomach ache and headache as well as diarrhea and vomiting. Now after these problems he was not feeling well, so he went to sleep, but he did not wake up the next morning because he had died.

Old incident went viral again

The post mortem report revealed that he died due to eating five-day old pasta. According to reports, this incident is quite old, from the year 2008, but now this incident has started going viral everywhere on social media. This news has been published again on almost all foreign websites and is in discussion.

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