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Friday, September 15, 2023

Aliens with no nose were 10 feet tall! This family made a shocking claim

A family living in Las Vegas has claimed to have seen 10 feet tall aliens. He also says that he was green in colour. He told that there was a crash landing of a UFO behind his house, after which he saw two giant aliens.

At present there is a lot of discussion around the world about aliens. Recently, scientists shocked the world by showing two mysterious dead bodies of alleged aliens in the Mexican Parliament. These aliens looked very small in size, but their eyes were very big and strange. Apart from this, his head was also very long and he had only 3 fingers in his hands. This matter was not even settled yet, meanwhile a family living in Las Vegas, America made such a claim about aliens, which was shocking. He raised many questions with his claim.

According to the report of Daily Mail, there are total four people in this family. He claims to have seen aliens behind his house. He has also told how he looked? The family told that we saw some strange creatures behind our house, which were trying to climb the fence. They were much taller than humans. Generally, the maximum height of humans is 7-8 feet, but this family claims that the height of the one they saw was 10 feet. Not only this, his teeth and ears were shining brightly and it seemed as if he had no nose, that is, he was noseless. Also his color was green.

There was a crowd of people at the house

The family claimed that they remained silent for a long time so that people would not make fun of them. Calling 911, he reported that two giant aliens had landed behind his house in a UFO. Angel, the elder son of the family, said that ever since we told about this mysterious incident, many people have been coming to our house to see where the aliens had landed. He said that we did not want any publicity at all, rather all we did was to inform the police about the incident.

Crash landing of UFO captured on camera

According to reports, this strange incident seems a bit real to the people because this incident has also been captured on camera. Angel's neighbor's camera has captured a huge explosion with a loud sound, which is being said to be the crash landing of a UFO. Although how true this incident is has not been confirmed yet, but this incident has shocked the world once again.

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