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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Alert! Hackers will steal all the data, this is how to identify fake and real websites

The cases of phishing attacks through fake websites are increasing rapidly. Now no website is safe from scammers, whether it is a government or private website. Scammers can defraud you by creating a fake link of any website. If you want to protect yourself from online scams, then follow the tips given below.

Cases related to fake websites keep coming to light every day. Many times, links to fake websites are shared with you in the name of shopping, paying challan or completing any online formality. If you believe such links without thinking and investigating and share your details, then all your data can fall into the hands of hackers. To protect yourself from such scams, you should follow some important points mentioned below. Should be taken care of.

Read full URL

Read the URL of the website carefully. If the URL of the website starts with https then here s means secure. However you can't just rely on it. You should check the spelling of the URL like amazon is not written as amaz0n. You should also check the domain like .com, .net or .org.

Check website language

If you see many grammatical and spelling mistakes on the website, then you need to be careful. Usually, fake websites contain spelling mistakes.

Check About Us and Contact Us page

Check the phone number given on the Contact Us page and check LinkedIn and other social media profiles on the About Us page.

View website's social media profiles

Many times many fake websites create their social media profiles. You should check their social media profiles, like how many followers they have, what the content is like and how many comments there are on the posts. What types of ads are there and how many? If you are seeing a lot of ads on the website and the ads are strange then you may be a victim of a scam.

Overall, keeping all these important things in mind, you can find out whether a website is fake or not.

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