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Saturday, September 16, 2023

After the army's occupation, people are craving for food in Niger, 10 lakh people are in danger, grains are running out

The army captured Niger, took power in its hands, 'overthrew' the 'corrupt government' but the running out of food grains has become a noose around the neck of the military ruler. 
There is shortage of everything from pulses, rice to cooking oil. A government official himself says that even after spending the whole day in the market of the capital Niamey, he could not find oil for cooking. There may be a shortage of grains in Niger by the end of this month and a large population is in danger of life.

After rebel troops seized power in Niger, West African countries froze financial transactions, closed their borders with Niger and cut electricity supplies in an effort to restore constitutional order. The new leaders under the leadership of coup leader General Abdurrahman Tchiani are not accepting defeat and are having to pay an increasing price. The sanctions and the growing bitterness from other countries seem to be strangulating Niger's economy. The prices of grains are increasing and there is also shortage, essential medicines are running out.

Niger is not getting help from outside countries

Ousted President Mohamed Bazoum is confined to his family home, which is surrounded by an army contingent and completely blocked off from the outside. In Niamey, some people openly condemned his detention and there are many who now accept the military junta as their government. As there is a shortage of food stocks and medicines, anger among people against West African countries and France is increasing.

Until the coup, French troops were fighting alongside Niger's army against Islamist rebels. Meanwhile, the army accused him of failing to deal with the rebels and being associated with armed groups. After the army's occupation, the biggest problem for the people of Niger is food, where food grains are difficult to get due to restrictions. Niger was getting help in the field of military and development from West African countries and Europe including America, food grains were supplied but this has been stopped after the coup.

One million population may face food shortage

A military standoff could have disastrous consequences for Niger, one of the world's poorest countries. Niger is also one of the countries with the fastest growing population in the world, where the population is increasing rapidly. During the tenure of President Bazoum, Niger's economy was estimated to grow by 12 percent. Now the economy may collapse after military occupation. Due to the restrictions, grain consignments destined for Niger are also stuck in the border areas.

More than 7,000 tonnes of grain is stuck on the Niger border. Meanwhile, the military rulers have warned that if the borders are not opened, one million people may have to face serious problems. Due to shortage of food grains, public programs have also been affected here. Vaccines and medical equipment are stranded outside the country in dozens of containers. Meanwhile, drug smuggling has also increased and black marketing is also going on. Pharmacists in Niamey say that they are facing shortage of essential medicines like insulin and pain killers, among other products.

If army can do everything right then we are together!

The military rulers claim that the people are with them but they have not made any means to confirm this claim. For example, political activities are closed, government officials and ministers are in custody, the President's house is under guard. Now, as anger among the people is increasing against France, the military rulers are seeing it as their supporters. It is somewhat true that the problem of poverty and food insecurity did not end even during the tenure of President Bajoum. People say that if the army can eliminate the problems then they are ready to bear the trouble for a short period of time... but the matter is stuck only on the stomach.

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