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Monday, September 11, 2023

A Railway Station In India Where Entry Is Not Allowed Without Passport And Visa.


Indian Railway News: To go out of your country i.e. to go abroad, visa and passport are required. Let us tell you that visa is a right which allows you to stay in that country for a given period of time while passport verifies your identity and allows you to enter other countries. Passport contains your personal information such as name, date of birth, nationality, etc. Without which one cannot enter any country. This is a matter of foreign countries but there is such a place in our India too, where entry is not allowed without passport and visa. Yes, you heard it right, so let us introduce you to that station today, where you cannot get entry without passport and visa. Not only this, you can also be punished for not following the rules.

These documents are necessary at this station

Actually, we are talking about Attari Railway Station located in the state of Punjab which is in Amritsar district. Trains run from here to Pakistan. This is the only railway station in India where both passport and visa are required to travel within the international region. There is very tight security here so that no mistake occurs.

Without documents there can be punishment

There is a provision of 14 Foreign Act if caught without visa and passport at Attari railway station. Let us tell you that under this law, a case can be registered if caught in international territory without necessary documents. After which it takes many years to get bail.

These trains are operated

 Trains going from Delhi and Amritsar to Lahore, Pakistan pass through Attari station only. This journey is run for citizens from time to time between India and Pakistan. Of which Samjhauta Express is also one. However, India's relations with Pakistan have deteriorated in the last few years. Due to which the operation of this train is currently closed.

Strict security arrangements

Let us tell you that many films have been shot at Attari Railway Station. Apart from this, the intelligence agency keeps a watch here 24 hours. Even a porter is prohibited from staying here. Therefore, you will have to carry your own luggage here also. There are strict arrangements for the security of this station located on the border area so that no untoward incident happens. If for some reason a train gets late from Attari railway station, an entry is made in the registers of both India and Pakistan.

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