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Monday, August 21, 2023

Woman traveled 4500 KM to attend friend's wedding, mistakenly got involved in another's wedding

Has it ever happened to you that you have to reach someone's wedding and by mistake you have reached someone else's wedding? Something similar happened with a woman in America. She had reached a friend's wedding 4500 kilometers away, but reached someone else's wedding.

The fun of attending weddings is different and if that wedding is of a friend, then that fun doubles. You must have seen that many people go to other cities after traveling for many hours to attend their friend's wedding and there are many friends who do not hesitate to go to other countries as well, but just think that What if you have gone to attend a friend's wedding and end up at someone else's wedding by mistake? Nowadays one such case is in discussion, which is very funny. You will surely be surprised to know this whole matter and a smile will also come on your face.

Actually, the matter is such that a woman had gone to Scotland from America to attend her friend's wedding, but by mistake she reached the wrong ceremony, due to which the people there were also taken aback. A video is going viral on the social media platform Tiktok, in which the woman is shown sitting in a taxi and then she reaches a wedding. She had traveled about 4500 kms and reached the wedding, but the funny thing is that she reached the wrong wedding.

Accidentally made a 'huge mistake'

According to the New York Post report, the woman's name is Arti Mala . She started making the video as soon as she got down from the taxi, but then the groom's brother reached her and said that you have come to Scotland from America and have come to the wrong marriage? Then the woman realized that she had really entered into a wrong marriage. After this, he took another taxi and from there directly reached the friend's wedding, where he actually had to go.

Error caused by

Actually, this mistake happened to the woman because she did not know that there are two places with the same name. In such a situation, instead of the right place, she had reached the wrong place. Now after watching this video on social media, people are talking different things. Users are saying that 'this story now needs to be converted into a romantic comedy film'.

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