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Friday, August 11, 2023

Why were heavily built women brought into the harem to please the Mughals?

Mughal Harem Facts: In the harem of the Mughals, there were mostly women who were brought from abroad. These included African eunuchs and women coming from Uzbekistan. Know interesting things related to Haram.

The stories of Mughal's harem reached many countries of the world. The desire to know what used to happen in the harem brought many foreigners to India. It had started from the time of Babur, but the work of expanding the harem happened during the tenure of Akbar. According to Abu Fazl, who wrote 'Akbarnama', there were more than 5 thousand women in Akbar's harem, among them there were many such slaves who were brought from different countries of the world.

Interestingly, apart from the Mughal emperor and the princes, there was a ban on the entry of any other man in the harem. But only two outsiders got entry into the harem - foreign traveler Manuchi and French doctor François Bernier. He revealed many secrets of the Mughal's harem in his memoirs.

Corpulent women armed with bows and spears

Everything that came out of the Haram of the Mughals used to become a topic of discussion in the Sultanate. Interestingly, women were deployed for its security. In the harem, only women used to decide where and how much guard would be there. There were three layers of security.

In the first line of security, there were women with heavy and strong bodies. Bow and spear were seen in their hands. He was mainly responsible for the security of the harem. Especially they were brought from the place of Uzbekistan where women used to top in military training. She used to be expert in scaring the enemy in a moment. It was difficult to avoid their attacks.

What is the use of eunuchs in the harem?

Eunuchs were included in the second line of security in the harem. Maintaining the system here, keeping an eye on the conspiracies here and taking it to the king, this was the work of eunuchs. Most of the eunuchs were of African and Asian race. Those who were either thrown out of the house since childhood or were gifted to the kings of Turkey and North Africa.

He was aware of the conspiracies going on in the Sultanate. This is the reason that in the history of Mughals, there were many eunuchs whom the emperor declared as his political advisor. The mausoleums of eunuchs built in Agra are proof of the relationship they had with the emperor.

In the third line of security, there were soldiers with strong stature. Those who were standing outside the harem with gun taunts. They had a direct order that if any intruder is seen, shoot them.

Rule only to please the king

The Mughal emperors had made some such rules of Haram, by which only they could fulfill their needs. This was the reason why no other man was allowed to enter the harem except the king. Despite the abundance of women, no outsider could even see their faces. But Manuchi and Bernier got entry in the harem. Both got the direct benefit of being doctors by profession.

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