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Monday, August 14, 2023

This is how Amul celebrated Alia Bhatt's Hollywood debut, Gal Gadot was seen eating bread and butter

Film actress Alia Bhatt has made her Hollywood debut. Recently, he made his debut with the film Heart of Stone on Netflix. Now Amul's reaction has also come on Alia Bhatt's debut. Amul has celebrated Alia's Hollywood debut by making a special poster.

Amul is also celebrating Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt's Hollywood debut. Amul, famous for its creative posters, has made a cartoon of Alia Bhatt and Gal Gadot this time and shared it on its social media accounts. Alia's first Hollywood film has recently been released on the OTT platform Netflix.

The poster of Amul is showing a glimpse of the scene of the film when Alia and Gal Gadot fall from the sky into the desert and then come out of there. During this, there is also a debate between the two. However, in Amul's poster, both are shown taking selfies. Alia Bhatt is in a side role in the film but her performance is being liked. Although his screen presence is not much, due to which the Indian audience is definitely disappointed.

Wonder woman alia bhatt

In the poster, Alia has been introduced as Wonder Woman. Actually Gal Gadot has played the role of Wonder Woman in DC's Extended Universe. Apart from this, the name of the film Heart of Stone has also been used in it. It is written Amul Heart of Taste. Netflix India shared this poster in its Instagram story and wrote, "The two wonders who melted our hearts."

Talking about the film, Alia Bhatt and Galgadot's film has not received the expected reviews. Alia's Hollywood debut remained a dud. The film is directed by Tom Harper and Jamie Dornan has also appeared in it. Although the film definitely managed to trend at number one on Netflix.

Amazing work done in Rocky Rani

Let us tell you that recently Alia Bhatt also appeared in the film Rocky and Rani's love story. People liked her character of Rani in the film and the film also did strong business at the box office. On the previous day also, Rocky and Rani and Rani's love story did a business of more than four crore rupees.

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