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Friday, August 18, 2023

This book of law runs in space, it is forbidden to carry weapons, if the mission is harmed, the damages will have to be paid

56 years ago today, the United Nations made an international space agreement, under which many rules and policies were prepared, this is the agreement that does not allow any country to have monopoly in space and all countries can independently perform missions in space. Gives the power to send.

There is a race of space missions all over the world, every year countless missions are launched in space, some countries land on Mars and some orbit the Sun. Talking about the moon, so far NASA has launched 12 missions and the Soviet Union and Russia formed after its disintegration 24 times, many of these missions have also landed on the surface of the moon, but have you ever thought that they were so successful. Why is no country in possession of any area of ​​space even after missions?

The reason for this is the International Space Agreement of the United Nations which took place 56 years ago. Under this rule, many rules and policies have been set for space missions, including space activities, restrictions on carrying weapons and responsibility for any accident or accident in space. If the mission of one country harms the mission of another country, then there is a system of compensation for that too.

What is International Space Agreement

The Space Act was enacted in 1919. Under this, all countries were given sovereignty of airspace above their geographical area, but when domestic space missions started, an agreement was required in which all countries were to be included. When the Soviet Union launched its first artificial satellite Sputnik-1 in 1957, the United Nations insisted on an international space agreement, because the space mission of any country was required to cross the space border of another country. After this, separate space rules were made from the aerospace law. In 1967, it was recognized as an international space agreement. India is a part of this agreement from the beginning.

These are the laws of space

1. The first condition of the International Space Agreement in 1967 was that no country would occupy any area of ​​space. Under the agreement, UN member states can use the outer space limit of any other country.

2. Weapons cannot be carried with space missions, especially such weapons of mass destruction or mass destruction.

3. In this agreement, prominence was given to the Rescue Agreement, under which the first responsibility of all nations is the safety of their astronauts, if a mission is in trouble, all countries will help and try to bring back the astronauts.

4. Another major rule that was implemented in the UN General Assembly was that if a country's space mission causes damage to another country's mission in space, the concerned country will be responsible and will also compensate.

5. Under the agreement, rules have also been made to harmonize traffic in space, under which all countries will have to cooperate with each other, so that there are no conflicts between space missions.

6. For pollution in space, all the countries sending missions in space will have to work. It has to be decided that the debris of satellite or rocket falling from space does not cause any harm.

Russia and China's will

In 1979, a Moon Agreement was also prepared by the United Nations, its main objective was that space should never be used commercially. China and Russia kept themselves away from this UN agreement, their argument was that America does not have the right to make all the rules of space.

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