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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

There was not a single toilet in the house, this is how Sulabh toilet brand was set up

His father and Ritedar used to be very angry with the work of Bindeshwar Pathak. Even after this, he did not leave the work of making Sulabh toilets. The Government of India honored him with the Padma Bhushan for this work.

Bindeshwar Pathak, who built crores of toilets across the country, is no more with us. But very few people will know that there was never a toilet in their house too. The men, children and women of his house also used to go out of the house to the fields for defecation. Because of this, the members of that house used to fall ill every day. These childhood incidents made a deep impact on his life. He had thought in his childhood that when he grows up, he has to build toilets not only in his house but in the whole country. So that children, women and elders of other houses do not have to go out of the house for defecation.

Bindeshwar Pathak was born on 2 April 1943 in Vaishali district of Bihar. He had to face a lot of difficulties in his childhood. There were 9 rooms in his house, but there was not a single toilet. In such a situation, all the family members had to go to the fields to defecate. He did his early studies in the village itself. After this he went to Banaras for further studies. He did his graduation in Sociology from Banaras Hindu University. After this he came to Patna. After coming to Patna, he completed his master's and PhD degrees from Patna University.

In 1970, he started Sulabh International

After doing PHD, Bindeshwar Pathak started social work with the Bihar Gandhi Birth Centenary Celebration Committee in the year 1968-69. It was here that he was entrusted with the task of developing affordable toilet technology. During this, he worked on the problem of manual scavenging and open defecation by roaming around the country. During this, he also had to listen to taunts from his own people. Because he came from upper caste and was working above the toilet. But Bindeshwar Pathak did not care about them. In the very next year, in 1970, he started Sulabh International.

54 million government toilets built

However, Sulabh International was a social organization. In Sulabh International, he developed two indigenous flush toilets. The special thing is that he developed it as a disposal compost toilet. After this, Bindeshwar Pathak started building accessible toilets across the country. Then in no time, he set up a chain of accessible toilets all over the country. He has built 1.3 million household toilets and 54 million government toilets in his lifetime. Bindeshwar Pathak established an empire of more than 275 crore rupees from the Sulabh International Organization. 60,000 people work in their organization.

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