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Thursday, August 17, 2023

The person left the business and started pomegranate farming, now he is earning 40 lakhs like this.

There are 5 thousand pomegranate trees in the garden of farmer Shravan Singh. He has planted almost the same number of trees in his brother's farm house. Apart from this, he is also cultivating a special variety of Taiwan Pink Guava, Kesar Mango. He cultivates all the crops by organic method.

Farmers in Rajasthan are now working more hard in horticulture instead of doing traditional farming. Due to this, the farmers of this place have now become happy from horticulture. His earnings are running into lakhs. Today we will talk about a farmer from Rajasthan who is earning Rs.40 in a year by cultivating lemon, mango, pomegranate, chikoo and cucumber. The special thing is that the demand for pomegranate grown by this farmer is even in foreign countries.

Actually, we are talking about Shravan Singh, a farmer living in Sirohi district of Rajasthan. Shravan Singh is an educated farmer. He is a graduate. Earlier he used to do business of readymade clothes. But he was not interested in this business. In such a situation, Shravan Singh decided to do gardening. He is cultivating lemon, mango, vermilion, pomegranate, chiku and kheri with modern method. Due to this, he is earning Rs 40 lakh in a year.

Lemon farming started in 12 hectares

If Shravan Singh is to be believed, he first started horticulture with crop papaya. He got good profit in this. In such a situation, he gradually increased the area under horticulture. In such a situation, he started earning Rs 18 lakh from the third year. After this, in the year 2011, he started lemon cultivation in 12 hectares. Then from the year 2013, he started planting pomegranate trees as well. Pomegranate production started only after 2 years. Shravan Singh says that the pomegranate grown in his farm is also supplied to Bangladesh, Nepal and Dubai. The special thing is that after being tested in the lab, their products are exported. Apart from this, they also supply fruits to multinational companies like Reliance Fresh, Supermarket and Jain Irrigation.

Experimenting on grapes

Right now Shravan Singh is doing experiments on grapes also. He says that by selling pomegranate, lemon and guava, he earns Rs 40 lakh in a year.

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