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Monday, August 14, 2023

The magic of Gadar 2 worked, PVR-Inox earned 990 crores in 2 days, not 135

The weekend of August 11 to 13 has been the best weekend in the history for PVR Inox. The footfall of people in this weekend was more than 33 lakhs and the company generated more than 100 crores revenue in these three days.

After the release of Gadar 2, OMG 2 and Jailor, Raunak has returned again at the box office. For the second time in a year, such an opportunity has come that seeing the box office, a wave of happiness is running. Before that it was seen on the occasion of Shah Rukh Khan's Pathan. Now the effect of the success and earnings of these films is being seen in the stock market as well. PVR-Inox shares are seeing a boom on Monday. According to the data, there has been a rise of 5 percent in the shares of the company. If Friday is also added, then there has been an increase of 6 percent in the shares of the company in two days. In two days, the company has earned more than Rs 990 crore.

PVR Inox at 7-month high

If you look at the stock market figures, then the shares of PVR Inox saw a gain of 5 percent. The company's stock is trading at Rs 1714 with a gain of 4.71 per cent. By the way, during the trading session, the company's stock rose by more than 5 percent to reach Rs 1732.25. If we talk about both Friday and Monday, then the company's shares are seeing a rise of more than 6 percent and the company's stock has reached a 7-month high. When the market closed on Thursday, the company's share was at Rs 1631.15. This means that from today onwards, the stock of the company would have seen a rise of more than Rs 100 from the high.

Earning more than Rs 990 crore

Due to this rise of two days, the shares of PVR Inox have seen a rise of more than Rs 990 crore. The company's market cap stood at Rs 15,981.47 crore after the market closed on Thursday. Today, the company's stock reached a 7-month high with Rs 1732.25, while the market cap reached Rs 16,972.02 crore. This means that the company got a profit of Rs 990.55 crore in these two days. According to experts, the box office environment is very good. Weekend is long. There is a possibility of crowding at the ticket windows on August 14 and 15 as well, due to which the company's shares may see a further rise on August 16.

box office earnings of big films

The combined box office collection of Jailor, Gadar 2, OMG 2, Bholashankar stood at Rs 390 crore for the weekend of August 11-13. This week 2.10 crore people reached theaters across India. This is the highest number in the history of more than 100 years of Indian cinema, the Producers Guild of India and Multiplex Association of India (MAI) said in a statement.

PVR Inox achieved the highest ever single day box office collections in our circuit on 13th August, 2023 as per the information given to the stock market. We entertained 12.8 lakh people and generated a gross box office revenue of 39.5 crores. The weekend of 11-13 August'23 was also the biggest weekend ever in the company's history. PVR Inox said that during this period 33.6 lakh people came to enjoy films in theaters and generated gross revenue of more than 100 crores during this period.

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