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Sunday, August 27, 2023

The liquor giant sold the business for Rs 90, this is the big reason

Heineken, the world's second largest liquor maker, has decided to wind up its business. You will be surprised to know that Heineken sold his business for just one euro i.e. 90 rupees. Let's know the reason for selling the company for 90 rupees

The number of people who drink alcohol is increasing all over the world. In such a situation, the world's second largest liquor manufacturing company has made preparations to wrap up its business. Netherlands' brewing company Heineken, whose beer you must have drank at some point or the other, has sold its Russia business for just Rs 90. You will be surprised to know, but this thing is absolutely true. Heineken has decided to sell its 2600 crore business in Russia for just Rs 90. Heineken announced its exit after the Ukraine-Russia war. Due to this decision of the company, it has lost about 300 million dollars. In Indian currency, it is equal to about 26 billion 80 crore rupees. The company has made complete preparations to get Ernest Group out of Russia.

This is the reason behind selling the company

Now the question arises that why did the world's largest liquor company sell its business for just Rs 90? According to media reports, Heineken has decided to leave Russia because of Russia's continuous attacks on Ukraine. Although, this is just a symbolic form of selling a Euro company, but due to this 1 Euro, the process of Heineken's exit from Russia has been completed.

Due to this decision of Heineken, the company is facing huge losses. Company CEO Dolph van den Brink told that 1800 employees of Heineken are doing business in Russia. However, selling the company will not affect the employees. The company has guaranteed them employment for the next 3 years.

Companies ending business in Russia

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia is going through a bad situation these days. Like Heineken, many companies in Russia are leaving the country. Due to the war, western countries have imposed many restrictions on Russia due to which it is becoming difficult for the people to do business in Russia. Many big international companies have left Russia, Heineken is also one of them.

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