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Thursday, August 17, 2023

The family members buried the woman alive, she kept sobbing inside the coffin for 11 days

A woman died of cardiac arrest. After which he was buried in the cemetery. But after 11 days, when people heard his screams from the grave, they were shocked. It was later learned that he was buried alive.

A 37-year-old woman dies of cardiac arrest. The family members immersed in mourning bury him in the cemetery. But after 11 days of burial, people get scared after hearing the screams of the woman from the grave. Later it is revealed that she was accidentally buried alive. He was taken out after digging the grave in a hurry. But by then it was too late. This shocking case is from Brazil.

According to the Mirror's report, this shocking incident took place in 2018 in Rhaiachao das Neves, North-East Brazil. But now the story is going viral again. Rosangela Almeida dos Santos was buried in the Senhora Santana Cemetery after her alleged death from cardiac arrest. But when the people living near the cemetery heard the sounds of screaming from his grave after 11 days, they were stunned. He immediately informed the family members of Rosangela about this.

Was still alive 11 days after burial

On the other hand, the family members reached the cemetery as soon as they got the news of Rosangela being alive. When they broke the stone grave, the woman was found unconscious. The body was still warm. On seeing this, the family immediately ran to the hospital with him. But by then Rosangela had died.

Signs of struggle found inside the coffin

There were injury marks on the woman's hands and forehead. Due to which it seemed that how much she would be in a hurry to get out of the coffin. Not only this, while trying to struggle to get out, the cotton wool in his ears and nose also came out of the body. There were scratch marks and a lot of blood inside the coffin.

The family members of the woman say that Rosangela was admitted to the Hospital do Oeste in Barreiras, Bahia for a week after severe fatigue. According to his death certificate, he suffered cardiac arrest twice before dying of septic shock.

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