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Monday, August 21, 2023

Sunny Deol was also battered by this disease, if you also see these symptoms then do not ignore them.

Health Tips: The powerful superstar of Bollywood was battered by a serious illness. Like Sunny Deol, if you also see these symptoms, do not make the mistake of ignoring them.

Health Tips:  Sunny Deol is one of those Bollywood stars who make us believe in every action scene. When they uproot the hand pump, the public does not question how someone like this can happen. Seeing Sunny Deol, the owner of the strong deal doll, who can say that a problem had made him too pained. It is a different thing that despite suffering the pain, Sunny Deol did not stop the shooting but continued the work. It was about that time when Sunny Deol was shooting for Yamla Pagla and Deewana with his father and brother. Then he realized this painful disease. This problem was of kidney stones. If you also see these symptoms, then do not ignore them at all.

What are the symptoms of kidney stone?

- Kidney stone is a serious problem. Because of which there is unbearable pain in the lower abdomen.

- Due to the stone in the kidney, urine is also difficult to pass. Because of which pain starts.

- There is a feeling of vomiting again and again and nervousness is also felt.

- There can be serious infection in the way of urine as well as frequent urine can also come. People in whom this problem becomes serious, they may also get blood along with urine.

Don't make these mistakes

- There may be some mistakes in your daily routine that can cause kidney stones. In which the first mistake is not drinking sufficient amount of water.

- People who keep more amount of salt in their diet or consume more fat can also get kidney stones.

- Excess of calcium, uric acid or oxalate in the body can also increase the risk of stones.

- Those who have a lot of protein in their diet can also have the problem of stones. 

- Those who have had a history of stones in their family from the first tag, they also have more chances of getting stones.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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