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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Story of that Raktaveer who saved hundreds of lives by donating blood, superfit even in 64 years

Blood Donation: There is a great need for blood donation in the country, but people avoid donating blood. There is a belief among people that donating blood causes weakness in the body, although it is not so. We will tell you the story of Rahul who has donated blood more than 170 times.

In today's era, youths of 20 to 30 years are also falling prey to many dangerous diseases, but I, Rahul Solapurkar, 64 years old, am very fit. There is a 48 year old story behind my fitness. I was in school then. During that time a teacher told about the importance of blood donation. That day this thing sat in my mind and then I decided to donate blood. Started blood donation as soon as I crossed the age of 18 and have been doing it till date. I donated blood for the first time in 1976 at the All India NCC parade. Since then till today this order continues. Now I am 64 years old, but the process of donating blood continues even today.

In the last 46 years, I have donated blood 174 times. I don't have diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, fatty liver or kidney disease even at this age due to continuous blood donation. Hemoglobin deficiency was never found in my blood. Till date there has not been any serious illness caused by virus or bacteria. By donating blood continuously, my body is so fit that even at this age, I do not take any kind of medicine without any kind. I donate blood once in every three months. Donating my blood has given new life to thousands of people.

misconception in people's mind

There is a misconception in the minds of people that after giving blood you become weak, but it is not so at all. Blood donation is a great donation. This saves the lives of many people and the body of the person who donates blood also gets a lot of benefits. Donating blood does not cause any harm to the body.

prevention from diseases

I say that every person should donate blood after every 3 months and its benefits are immense for you, for example your hemoglobin level remains stable. You do not have the problem of BP and sugar, your immunity becomes strong. This prevents diseases caused by viruses. The risk of heart disease is also less than blood donation.

Donating blood will prevent many diseases

I never say that people who donate blood regularly will not face problems of diseases, but people don't want to donate blood for some reason or the other and when they need blood they ask other people to donate blood. keep saying. In many cases, the patient does not even get blood on time. According to which there is a demand for blood in the hospitals, the supply is very less. The reason why people avoid donating blood, they think that it makes the body weak, whereas it is not so.

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