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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Snakes were seen roaming on the field in Lanka Premier League, Ashwin also reacted


During the Lanka Premier League 2023, snakes were seen roaming on the field on several occasions. Many fans have also been scared by this incident while Ravichandran Ashwin has also reacted to this incident.

The Lanka Premier League 2023 season is being played in Sri Lanka, in which the players are entertaining the fans, but at the same time, snakes are also trying to scare the players and fans by entering the ground. The latest example of this was seen in the 15th match of LPL 2023 when a snake entered the ground during the match between Kandy Falcons and Jaffna Kings at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo.

During the batting of Jaffna Kings, the Lankan pacer Isuru Udana was stationed on the fielding and he was going backwards, but in the meantime when he turns back, he comes to know that there is a snake there. Suddenly seeing a snake near them, they get scared and immediately run away from it. After this the cameraman also captured another snake roaming outside the boundary line. The video of this incident also became quite viral on social media.

Everyone is shocked and feeling scared to see snakes in Lanka Premier League but meanwhile Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has reacted to the incident. Commenting on the situation, Ashwin said that since Sri Lanka is surrounded by forests, it becomes difficult for the cricket officials to avoid it. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Ashwin said, "You must have seen the trending video of Isuru Udana during a recent match. The snake went very close to him in that match. I am not an expert and I do not know if it is poisonous." Was there a snake or not. Many of them commented that it was not a poisonous snake. But still, seeing a snake on a cricket ground would surely scare a player. I mean what can the cricket officials do about it , Isn't it?" 

Speaking further, he said, "Because we are making a lot of things in places where wild animals live. Also, Sri Lanka is a place which is surrounded by forests. If the authorities can do something about it, It will be really good for the animals as well as for the players.”

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