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Monday, August 28, 2023

Sawan Pradosh Vrat 2023: Sawan's last Pradosh Vrat today, see auspicious time and coincidence before Shiva Puja

Five auspicious coincidences are taking place today during the Pradosh Vrat, which is observed to please Lord Shiva. At what time worshiping will give special results and wishes will be fulfilled, read in this article.

The month of Sawan is about to end now. Except Rakshabandhan, almost all Teej, festivals and fasts have passed. Today is the last Pradosh Vrat of Sawan which is observed on Triyodashi of every month. The special coincidence is that today is the last Monday of Sawan along with the last Pradosh Vrat. In such a situation, today is a very special day. Today there are five auspicious coincidences to please Lord Shiva. At what time of worship you will get special results and your wishes will be fulfilled, know here.

Auspicious time of Pradosh Puja

Worship of the last Pradosh Vrat of Sawan is considered auspicious during Pradosh period only. Pradosh Tithi will start from 6.48 pm today and will continue till 2.47 pm tomorrow i.e. on 29th August. In Pradosh Vrat, Lord Bholenath is worshiped during Pradosh Kaal i.e. only after the sun sets. In such a situation, the time from 6.48 in the evening to 9.2 in the night is auspicious for worship.

How to worship Mahadev during Pradosh period?

In the last Pradosh Vrat of Sawan, wake up in Brahma Muhurta and take bath first and then wear clean white and green clothes. After that clean and purify the place of worship. After this, take a vow to keep the fast and anoint the Shivling with the water of the Ganges. To get the blessings of Bholenath, take the blessings of Lord Shiva as well as Mother Parvati and keep the fast for the whole day. After sunset in the evening during the Pradosh period, after meditating on Lord Shiva, anoint the Shivling with milk, curd, honey, Ganges water, ghee etc. in an auspicious time.

Offer his beloved Belpatra, Dhatura, Bhang to Shiva in worship. Offer black sesame seeds to Bholenath and apply Safal sandalwood. Perform aarti of Shiva family by reciting Shiv Chalisa. After this, pray to God to fulfill your wishes. Celebrate Pradosh Vrat tomorrow i.e. on 29th August and do charity and charity to the poor and Brahmins according to your faith.

Auspicious coincidence of Pradosh Vrat

Ayushman Yoga – From sunrise to 9:56 in the morning.

Saubhagya Yoga – From 9:56 in the morning till the whole day.

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga – Starting from 2.43 in the night till 5.57 in the morning the next day.

Ravi Yoga - From 2:43 in the night to 5:57 on August 29.

Why is Pradosh Vrat observed?

By observing Pradosh Vrat dedicated to Lord Shiva, there is an increase in happiness and prosperity in the house and troubles go away.

By observing Pradosh Vrat, obstacles and obstacles in marriage are removed and happiness remains in married life.

Mahadev bestows the blessings of child happiness to his devotees on observing Pradosh Vrat with devotion.

By observing Pradosh Vrat, closed doors for progress in career and business open up and prosperity comes.

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