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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Ringworm, itching and itching have troubled you in the rain, know what to do and what not

During the monsoon, many types of problems related to the skin start happening. Allergies and infections increase. Due to many reasons, ringworm, itching bothers. In such a situation, they can be avoided by taking some precautions.

Skin Problems:  There are many types of problems in the rainy season. Skin related problems become common in this season. Many people are troubled by ringworm, itching, itching and rashes. Change in body temperature, increase in humidity in the air, excessive sweating, lack of cleanliness and exposure to any kind of allergy and chemical can cause skin problems (Skin Problems in Monsoon). Some measures can be very effective to avoid them. Let's know...

Use of soap-chemical

Skin problems often start with itching and burning. Whenever it starts, first of all stop the use of chemical products like soap, perfume, deodorant and body wash completely. Because chemicals can trigger allergies.

don't wear jewelry

Many times neck chains, necklaces or hand bangles which are made of metals cause skin problems when they come in contact with sweat. In such a situation, whenever such problems start, remove artificial jewelry for some time.

wear the right clothes

In case of skin problems, wear cotton clothes only, so that sweat dries up and air can reach the skin. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes or zari, lace clothes. This causes friction in the skin and can increase sweating profusely. That's why one should always wear loose and proper clothes.

Keep your clothes and belongings separate

Always keep your clothes and accessories separate while treating skin related problems. Wash things like towel-napkin, under garments separately thoroughly. Small children or elders in the house should not come in contact with it. Because it can increase infection or allergy. 

don't itch

Avoid itching as much as possible when there are problems related to the skin. With this, you can prevent allergies and infections from growing. Because due to itching, the dirt and dirt already present in the nails can cause serious problems.

home remedies for ringworm

If skin rash, redness, itching is a common allergy, then coconut oil, camphor and neem oil can provide relief. If the problems do not subside after applying them once, then immediately consult a doctor. Use the medicines and lotions given by the doctor. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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