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Friday, August 18, 2023

PVR broke all the records by showing people Gadar 2, earned 4 times more than the film

Ever since the release of Gadar 2, it is raining money at the box office and something similar is being seen in the shares of PVR Inox in the stock market. Since last Thursday till now the company has earned more than Rs 1100 crore.

Sunny Deol's Gadar 2 continues to do wonders at the box office. The film has broken all the records defying the predictions of all the trade pundits. The special thing is that its effect is clearly visible in the stock market as well. There is a continuous atmosphere of boom in the shares of PVR Inox listed in the market. Even though the film's earnings at the box office have crossed Rs 300 crores, but PVR Inox has earned Rs 1100 crores in a week on the basis of this film.

It is clear that in the success of Gadar 2, the stock of PVR Inox has also become a super hit among the common investors. It is rarely seen that when a big film is successful at the ticket window and on its own, there is a huge jump in the shares related to theater business in the stock market.

Share jumped up to 7 percent in a week

Gadar 2 was released on last Friday i.e. on August 11 and since that day there has been a boom in the shares of PVR Inox. Whereas a day ago, the company's stock closed at Rs 1631.15 with a fall of 0.55 per cent. Today on Friday, the company's stock reached the day's high with Rs 1744.20. This means that the company's shares have seen a rise of about 7 percent. On Monday, there was a record rise in the shares of Inox. Till today it was never seen like this.

How much speed is being seen today?

If we talk about today, then at 11:05 am, the shares of PVR Inox are trading at Rs 1722.50 with a gain of 0.36 percent i.e. Rs 6.20. By the way, the company's stock had opened at Rs 1725 and during the trading session rose by 1.62 per cent to reach Rs 1744.20. By the way, the company's shares have closed at Rs 1716.30 a day ago.

Earned Rs 1100 crore

On the other hand, if we talk about the company's earnings, then there has been a tremendous increase in the market cap of PVR Inox in the stock market. Gadar 2 may have earned more than Rs 300 crore at the box office, but PVR has earned almost 4 times the market cap of Inox. Last week, when the company's stock closed down at Rs 1631.15, the market cap was Rs 15,981.48 crore, which has increased to Rs 17,089.11 crore today. This means that the company has earned Rs 1,107.62 crore on the basis of the success of Gadar 2.

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