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Thursday, August 24, 2023

Pets can cause these diseases to humans, know what research says

Disease from animals: Many types of bacteria can be transferred from pets to humans. Because of this, some diseases from animals can spread to humans as well. Let us tell you what are the diseases that can spread from pets to people as well and how to prevent them.

Often people are fond of raising animals. Usually dogs and cats are kept in homes. But do you know that some diseases can also be caused by these pets to humans. Many types of bacteria can enter humans from animals. This research has been published in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID). It has been said that these bacteria spreading in the human body can also reduce the effect of antibiotics. However, it has also been said in the research that pets do not cause any dangerous disease to humans.

In this research, scientists have identified a superbug in hospitalized patients. Samples of about 3 thousand patients admitted in Charite University Hospital from 2021 to 2002 were taken. All these people were infected by pets. In all these patients, bacteria that spread antibiotic resistance were identified. That is, there is a danger of the spread of multi-drug resistant organisms from animals to humans.

Because of this, a situation of resistance against any medicine can be created in humans. Due to this it is difficult for some medicines to affect them. Due to which any disease can increase in humans. Due to coming in close contact with animals, these bacteria can be transferred from them to humans.

risk of ringworm infection

Pets can be at risk of diseases like ringworm in humans. It is a fungal disease. This can cause itching, or rash on the skin. However, such infection occurs only from sick animals. In such a situation, if your pet is sick, then you should avoid touching its skin. Get animals treated in such cases. Do not be negligent in this matter.

need more research

Dr. NR Rawat in Veterinary and Animal Science College says that it may be too early to say anything on the basis of one such research. Cases of antibiotic resistance are seen due to excessive consumption of medicines, but the risk of such infection from animals is nowhere on a large scale. In such a situation, there is a need to do this type of research widely. However, if your pet is sick, then definitely get its treatment done.

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