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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

OMG! Girlfriend kissed so hard that boyfriend became deaf

It became difficult to smooches a couple in a romantic mood. The girlfriend kissed the young man so hard that his eardrums burst. Let's know where this matter is from.

It is said that people become 'blind' in love, but in the process of expressing love, a young man became deaf. Now you must be thinking that what is the matter after all? In fact, knowing whatever has happened with this young man, you will also be surprised. It so happened that the young man was kissing his girlfriend. But she had no idea that this passionate kiss would make her deaf. Now let's know where is this matter from?

This strange case is of China. The world celebrates Valentine's Day on 14 February, but in China, the day of expression of love is fixed on 22 August. On this occasion, near the West Lake in Zhejiang province, a couple smooched so hard to show love to each other that the young man's eardrum burst.

kissing with love was heavy

According to the report of South China Morning Post, the couple kept smooching for about 10 minutes. During this, there was a sharp pain in the young man's ear with a strange sound. Then gradually he stopped hearing. The young man was so frightened by this that he ran straight towards the hospital.

Doctors told the reason

After reaching the hospital, the doctors told the young man that his eardrum had burst. It is being told that it will take at least two months for him to recover. At present, the young man is being given antibiotics. The doctors explained how this would have happened. According to him, because of the smooch, there is a change in the air pressure of the ear. During this, fast moving breaths can damage the eardrum.

when the bone was broken by hugging

Earlier, a colleague in China's Hunan province had hugged the female staff so hard that her ribs were broken while expressing happiness. After which the woman had filed a case against the man.

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