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Friday, August 18, 2023

Not only Ranbir, these boys also have objection on their wife's dark lipstick? Wives said - my wish

Alia Bhatt Ranbir Kapoor Lipstick Controversy:
Alia Bhatt had recently told that Ranbir Kapoor does not like her lipstick at all.

Lipstick shade is a part of almost every woman's vanity box. Some like dark color and some like light color shade. On the other hand, almost every shade of lipstick is included in the collection of some girls. Nowadays a video of famous actress Aaliya is becoming quite viral. Aaliya is seen talking about makeup routine in this video. In this video, Alia shared that her husband i.e. Ranbir Kapoor does not like her wearing lipstick.

Ranbir likes the natural color of her lips. Even if Alia wears lipstick, Ranbir makes her remove it. Although Ranbir Kapoor is being trolled fiercely on this matter on social media. A user also called Ranbir toxic. People are not liking this behavior of Ranbir with Alia at all. He says that this thing shows that Ranbir imposes his choice on Alia. Trollers say that this shows malevolent thinking. When lipstick is being discussed, we tried to know the opinion of both male and female.

Arjun likes the simplicity of his wife. He does not mind his wife applying lipstick, but he does not like that his wife wears lipstick of a darker color. He says that light color gives a natural look, so he advises his wife to use light shades only.

When we talked to Rishikesh , who works in a multinational company, his view was similar. Rishikesh also said that he does not like dark lipstick shades. This makes the look look very over. The shade of lipstick should be subtle. Such shades of lipstick should be used which do not spoil your look.

By the way , Vaibhav 's opinion is completely different about this, he says- the color of lipstick depends on the skin tone. Although wife wears dark lipstick or light, she likes both very much.

In this regard, when we talked to Karthik, who works in an IT company, gave his opinion about the color shade of lipstick, he said that lipstick is applied to enhance beauty. But the shade of lipstick should be chosen according to your color tone. This thing is very important. If you have applied the lip shade of your choice and your color tone is not the same, then your look will look a bit strange. Although my wife's tone is such that dark colored lip shade goes very well on her. That's why I like her to wear dark lipstick

On the other hand , Jeet kept a different point of view regarding the shade of lipstick. He said that it would be better if you choose the shade of lipstick according to the occasion. For example, if you carry too much dark color lipstick in the parents meeting, then it will look less good. According to the occasion, choose such lip colors that you do not become a joke at any place.

This is only about boys, we tried to know the opinion of girls on this issue as well.

Shruti , who works in a media company, says that she was not very makeup friendly earlier. Once upon a time she used to carry light shades easily. But there was no confidence to carry dark shades. Although slowly started applying dark lip shade and now I like to wear dark color lipstick. This is because dark lip shade highlights your look. But your skin tone also matters a lot. Talking about my husband, he also likes dark lip shade more than me.

On the color shade, Ayesha says that the color of the lip shade also depends on your mood and outfit. I like bold red color lip shade more. Also my fiance likes light colored lip shades not red.

Another journalist Aarti says that her husband also does not like her wearing dark lipstick, but she says that she does not care because she likes dark colors, so she wears dark colors.

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