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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Leaving the job in Switzerland, this person started banana farming, earned 100 crores in 7 years

At present, Alok Agarwal is also the founder and CEO of Trident Agro. This company has many banana plantations all over Maharashtra. Along with this, about 20 thousand farmers cultivating bananas are also associated with Trident Agro. This company exports 2500 tonnes of bananas every month, which includes India as well as many countries in the Middle East.

Almost everyone likes to eat banana. Many types of nutrients are found in bananas including vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin B6 and manganese. It is cultivated almost all over India. There are many such farmers in the country who became millionaires by cultivating bananas. But today we will talk about such a person, who left a good job abroad and came to India and started banana cultivation and in no time built an empire worth crores of rupees. Now they supply bananas in foreign countries also.

The name of this farmer is Alok Agarwal. He is a resident of Mumbai. Earlier, Alok used to do logistics work in Banana Export in Switzerland. Here he got complete information about the export-import of bananas. After that he left the job and came to India and started banana business. In the year 2015, he started a company named TridentAgro. Then he started exporting bananas to India through this company.

The company also cultivates bananas through contract farming.

The special thing is that this company also does banana cultivation through contract farming. Apart from exporting bananas, Alok Agarwal also makes chips and snacks. Along with this, they also make other banana products. Right now his company has a turnover of Rs 100 crores annually.

100 crore rupees company set up

The special thing is that after starting the company, Alok Aggarwal started training the farmers of Pune district to cultivate bananas, which increased the production of bananas. Along with this, he also told the farmers how to grow good quality bananas and how to store them, so that they remain safe for a long time. For the first time, he told the farmers about the importance of fruit care. This is the reason that Alok set up a Rs 100 crore company with the hard work of the farmers and his willpower.

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