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Monday, August 28, 2023

Kota is becoming a 'factory' of death, children are failing in the test of life while giving coaching tests

Kota factory is slowly becoming a death factory, the pressure to pass the exam is such that 23 students have committed suicide so far this year, the young generation is coming here to make their dreams come true, but all The courage of the youth is breaking even before the dream comes true.

Two children reached Kota to fulfill their dreams and chose death. A total of 23 suicides in the last eight months. All the children who come to this city come with the intention of becoming engineers and doctors. Sometimes these dreams happen to them and most of the times to parents. In this war of dreams, some run away from the world without fighting, some even win. But one thing is certain that the success rate in this war is not even a percentage point.

If you look at some statistics, the whole picture comes out in full bloom. Every year 10-12 lakh children give JEE in the hope of doing B.Tech from IIT. A large number of students are not able to give JEE Advanced because their intermediate score is less than 75%. Even today the number of seats in IITs is around 16.5 thousand. This year, more than 20 lakh students have claimed themselves in the NEET exam so far. The total MBBS seats are still just a little over one lakh. Means twenty claimants of one seat. IIT and MBBS parents don't like anything below.

don't know how many tests

In coaching one can be seen passing through daily test, weekly test, monthly test and don't know how many tests. The child is jokingly avoided for the first time when he gets less marks than anyone in the whole class. But, if this sequence continues for the second, third time, then mental pressure starts building up on him. Coaching never tells that a particular child does not have the potential to become an engineer or a doctor. He has the potential to become a lawyer. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, they do not want to disclose this because the return of a child means a direct loss of Rs 1.5 lakh a year and no coaching person wants this because he knows that if he returns, the parents Will get admission in the adjacent coaching because they have come to get admission.

Do not impose your will on children

Senior psychologist and counselor Dr. Abha Awasthi says – Parents are at the root of the problem. If they stop imposing their will then their child can easily do better in some other field. But the parents are deciding the career of their child at that age itself, when he does not even know about the career. Then the process of feeding him starts. She says that a 15-16 year old child suddenly goes out of the house and lives in a hostel. He feels lonely. Even parents on the phone do not desist from asking for the test number after asking for food.

IQ test required

Dr. Abha clearly says that in today's date it is necessary that any child should have aptitude test, career counseling, psychometric test, IQ test should also be done if needed. These tests would have cleared the picture to a great extent. Are. These tests are in a position to decide the future of any child. But, the parents do not feel the need for this because they have decided that their son or daughter will become a doctor. Many times they are deciding on the basis that they had a dream, but could not fulfill it due to some reasons. They are deciding because their friend's child is also engaged in this effort.

Every child is special, we just need to recognize

Another psychologist Dr. Parul says that in reality every child is special. We don't recognize that's why the problem arises. Dr. Parul agrees with Dr. Abha's opinion. He believes that with a little effort, it has become easy to find out for which field the child is actually made. Whatever decision comes after the test, it would be appropriate for us to send the child in that direction. The disadvantages of hitting the head in the crowd are certain. Both the experts suggest that the parents get the child tested by 10th standard.

Based on the report decide his further path. You can collect material means with money but it is very difficult to take a child with music to medical. Whenever decisions are changed by creating pressure, the results will not be good. This is fixed. If we have to stop the suicide of our innocents, then they have to understand. You have to put yourself behind. They have to be motivated to take decisions according to their interest. You have to stop comparing your own two children. Success will also come and successful child who went to coaching too. try it out

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