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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Intrigued by online shopping? Do not buy these 5 types of things even by mistake

Online Shopping Safety Tips: If you are fond of online shopping or you are addicted to buying everything online, then this habit can put you in trouble in many cases. Here we are telling in which cases you should avoid online shopping.

Nowadays , due to internet in every house and phone in every hand, people have got addicted to online shopping. The condition is that if we want to have coriander at home, we order it on the online platform. Today, even though the trend of online shopping has increased so much, but its excess can also harm you. You need to be careful while shopping online. This is such a roundabout matter that even well-intelligent people get confused while doing online shopping.

Here we are advising you to take some precautions, which you should keep in mind while shopping online . In particular, you should think at least 10 times before buying the following five types of things online.

View product ratings

Whether you are shopping from Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Snapdeal or any other website, do not make the mistake of buying a product for which no one has given a rating. Even if you return that product later, a lot of your time will be wasted in this process.

Don't buy unreviewed stuff

It would be unwise to buy such online goods for which no review has been written in detail. It would be better to buy only those goods whose reviews have been included in the pictures.

No replacement policy

There are many products on Amazon, Flipkart or other e-commerce websites, in which the facility of replacement or return is given. Meanwhile, there are some products which the company neither takes returns nor gives replacement on purchase. If such goods turn out to be defective even by mistake, then you will not be able to return it back to the company.

Local goods online

Now everything is available online, this is convenient as well as difficult. Local goods like cow dung cakes, vegetables, pottery, now reach home online and with instant delivery. But if this kind of stuff can be easily found around you and at a low price, then it is not wise to buy it by spending more money on the online platform.

Greed of offer will cause loss

There is a lot of trend of online sale these days. In the festive season, best sale offers are given on e-commerce websites. However, in the pursuit of cheapness, many times people also buy such things, which they do not need and have to repent later. It is better that you avoid unnecessary purchases.

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