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Saturday, August 12, 2023

If you want to give a festive vibe to your home on the occasion of Teej, then decorate it like this.

Teej Festival Decoration:
Decorate the house beautifully on the occasion of Teej. You can decorate the house with many things from Rangoli to making Teej banners. These things will work to give a festive vibe to your home.

The festival of Teej which falls in Sawan is celebrated with great pomp. On this occasion, women decorate themselves a lot. Preparations for this special occasion start many days in advance. On this special occasion, women fast for the long life of their husbands and for the happiness and peace of the house. Beautiful mehndi is applied to the hands. Many types of delicious dishes are prepared on the festival of Teej.

Fairs are held at many places. You can decorate the house beautifully to give a festive vibe. You can also take ideas from here to decorate the house beautifully. Let us know here how to decorate the house on this occasion.


You can make beautiful Rangoli at the gate of the house. You can make Rangoli in many ways. Many types of colors, flower leaves and rice flour can be used for this. With the help of internet you can make beautiful Rangoli.


You can hang the garland of flowers on the door of the house. Garland flowers on the windows and walls. You can also choose flowers of saffron and yellow colors to make flower garlands.

Toran and Door Hanging

Put a pylon on the door. You can make beautiful door hangings with flowers, beads, paper and leaves. Toran and door hanging can be fixed on the door. This also increases the brightness of the house.

The lights

You can install traditional oil lamp at home. Lanterns, string lights and diyas can be used. You can install these lights around the house or in the balcony.


On the occasion of Teej, people swing on swings at many places. In such a situation, you can use colorful fabric, cushions and garlands of flowers to decorate the hammock. Children and women are seen swinging in traditional outfits.

Teej banner

You can make Teej poster or banner at home. Put messages and pictures related to Teej on it. You can keep it at the main gate of the house or at any other place.

Fruit and Sweets Display

Place fruits and traditional sweets in decorative trays. It can be placed on a decorated table. Ghevar and laddoos are usually made on this occasion.

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