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Sunday, August 20, 2023

If you want to become a millionaire soon, cultivate these foreign vegetables, the price is Rs 1200 per kg

Zucchini is very beneficial for health. Using it as a vegetable reduces body weight. That's why there is always a demand for Zucchini in the market. If farmers cultivate it, they can earn well.

Farmers in India are now taking more interest in horticulture. Due to this the income of the farmers has increased. The special thing is that even in horticulture, farmers are cultivating maximum number of vegetables. Due to this, many farmers in the country have become millionaires by selling vegetables. In recent times, due to the increase in inflation, many farmers in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka earned crores of rupees by selling tomatoes. But these farmers had a lot of land. These farmers had cultivated tomatoes in several acres. But today we will talk about such vegetables, by the cultivation of which even small farmers can become millionaires and millionaires. They just have to work a little hard for this.

Actually, the vegetables we are going to talk about are foreign crops. But now their cultivation has started in India as well. The specialty of these vegetables is that the yield rate is very high. These are sold for 1200 to 1500 rupees per kg. In such a situation, if small farmers cultivate it in 2 to 3 acres, then they can become millionaires within 10 years. So let's know about these vegetables.

Asparagus Cultivation: Asparagus is an exotic crop. It is used as a vegetable. Its rate in the market is 1200 to 1500 rupees per kg. Only rich and rich people eat it. It is said that eating asparagus vegetable keeps a person healthy. This gives relief from many diseases.

Cultivation of Bok Tea: Bok tea is also a kind of exotic vegetable. But now its cultivation has started in India as well. You can guess that it is expensive from the fact that only one stem of Bok tea comes in about 120 rupees. If you cultivate it in 10 acres, you will become a millionaire in two to three years.

Cherry cultivation: Cherry is a kind of tomato. But its size is much smaller than normal tomato. By consuming it, the body remains healthy. This is the reason why doctors also advise patients to eat cherries. But its price is much higher than that of common tomatoes. Right now the price of one kilo of cherry is 400 to 450 rupees. The fate of the farmers will change if it is cultivated.

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