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Thursday, August 24, 2023

If you have a headache, do you also take medicine immediately, this can be harmful

Headache and medicine: People have a habit of taking medicine immediately for headache. Many people have been taking only medicines for the past many years without consulting the doctor. But this can cause a lot of damage to health. Experts say that timely treatment should be done in cases of headache.

In today's era, the trend of taking medicine has increased a lot. In the slightest problem, people consume medicine. This happens a lot in case of headache. Many people always keep medicine for headache with them and eat the medicine as soon as there is a slight pain. There is no problem in doing this once in a month. But if the problem of headache is frequent and you are controlling it with the help of medicine, then do not do this. Taking medicine continuously can cause a lot of damage to health. This can cause problems ranging from antibiotic resistance to kidney in the body. Due to taking medicines continuously, any serious problem in the head is also not detected in time.

Professor Dr. Jugal Kishore, HOD in the Community Medicine Department at Safdarjung Hospital, explains that there are more than 100 reasons for headache. Many types of serious diseases can also occur in the brain. If someone continues to have a headache, then it can be a symptom of brain tumor and other problems as well. In such a situation, avoid taking medicine and start treatment after consulting a doctor.

Illness will not be known

If you continue to rely on medicine, then it will not be known what is the problem in the head and the problem will continue to increase. If there is any serious disease in the brain, then it will reach the last stage. This will also make the treatment of the disease difficult. To avoid such a situation, it is very important not to take the problem of headache lightly and avoid taking medicines on your own.

brain tumor can also be the reason

Dr. Jugal Kishore says that the problem of headache can also be a symptom of brain tumor. In a brain tumor, cells around the brain start spreading in an abnormal way. The tumor also occurs around the tissue of the brain. If the brain tumor continues to grow and is not treated on time, it can even lead to death. Do not be negligent in such a situation. Consult a doctor if you have a headache. Doctors can do many types of tests and MRI for this. With this, any brain disease will be detected on time.

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