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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Heron Mark2 drone joins Air Force, capable of attacking China-Pakistan border

In view of the provocative move by China and Pakistan, the Indian Air Force is continuously increasing its strength. 
Now the Air Force has included the Israeli Heron Mark2 drone in its fleet. Along with monitoring the Pakistan-China border, this drone also has the capability of launching missile attacks. With the inclusion of this drone, the Air Force is likely to get more strength. 

What are the features?

According to ANI, the 4 Heron drones inducted in the Air Force are of very modern technology. They can fly continuously for 36 hours at a time and can easily locate enemy bases. Being remote operated, it can be controlled from a long distance. Even at high altitude places like Ladakh and Kashmir, these drones can easily do their work in any weather. 

Deployed at forward airbases capable of carrying out missile attacks, these Heron Mark-2 drones can also be equipped with multiple lethal weapons such as air to air and air to ground missiles, anti-tank weapons and bombs The Indian Army also uses Heron drones, which are soon planned to be upgraded for satellite communication and weapon-carrying. 

Drones coming from America too
India has made a deal with America to buy 31 Predator drones. This drone comes with the world's most advanced technology. India will get such technology drones which will come with big weapons, modern sensors. Out of these 15 drones will be given to the Indian Navy. At the same time, 8-8 drones will go to the Air Force and the Army. 

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