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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Heart attack: If a clot has formed in your blood then heart attack will come, these are its five symptoms

Blood Clot and heart attack: Heart attack cases have increased manifold in the country in the last few years. Blood clots formed in the body are also a major reason for heart attack. These clots are formed in the body of any person. While exercising, these blood clots get broken due to exertion in the body.

In India, like cancer, many deaths are happening due to heart disease. The major cause of heart attack is blood clots (blood clots) formed in the arteries of the heart. But most people do not even know that blood clots are forming in their body. Whenever a person does exercise or does any other physical work, then there is an agitation in the body and these clots break down. Due to which the supply of blood to the heart is obstructed and a heart attack occurs. These clots can form in any person's body. Even if he looks fit in appearance. That's why it is also seen that people who are looking fit also become victims of heart attack. People get heart attack and die while doing gym or dance. In many cases, blood clots also dissolve on their own, but if they remain in the body, they can cause a heart attack.

Doctors say that after the Corona epidemic, cases of blood clot formation are increasing. This is happening due to the side effects of Covid virus. Because of this, the cases of heart attacks have increased significantly in the last three years. More blood clots are forming in the arteries of the heart. This is called thrombosis. Due to this, the cases of heart attack are increasing.

Blood clots happening even at a young age

It is a matter of concern that thrombosis is also occurring in the heart arteries of young people. This is the reason why now even youth of 20 to 30 years of age are having heart attacks. However, if the symptoms of blood clot formation are recognized on time, the risk of heart attack can be prevented. Let us know from experts what are the symptoms of blood clot formation and how they can be prevented.

Why does blood clot form?

Dr. Sameer Gupta, Director of Cardiology and CTVS Department at Metro Hospital, Noida, told that there are many reasons for the formation of blood clot, increasing obesity, sitting for a long time, history of blood clot and heart arrhythmia. it happens. However, in the last three years, blood clots are also occurring due to Covid virus. This problem is being seen more in the heart. For this reason, cases of heart attacks are continuously increasing.

What are the 5 symptoms of blood clot formation?

chest pain

left arm pain

respiratory distress

skin color change

swelling in any part of the body

These people take special care

Dr. Ajit Jain in the Cardiology Department at Rajiv Gandhi Hospital explains that the risk of blood clots is higher in people who are obese and had severe symptoms of Kovid. In such a situation, these people should take special care. In case of any problem, one should immediately go to the hospital.

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