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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Health Tips: Can eating figs cause stone problems? danger of these things

Fig Side Effects: Of course, eating figs gives many benefits to our health, but there are many disadvantages to the body as well. Health experts say that eating figs in excess can cause problems related to kidney and migraine.

Side Effects of Figs: Apart from cashews, almonds and raisins, figs are also counted among healthy dry fruits. Eating figs regularly gives many benefits to the body. Most people like to eat figs dry because it makes figs more beneficial. This boosts the body's immune system, which gives the body the strength to fight diseases.

But figs which are beneficial for health can also be harmful. According to health experts, consuming too much figs can harm our body. Eating excessive figs can cause problems like stones, abdominal pain and migraine. Let us know what harm can be caused to health by eating figs.

dental problems

Please tell that eating figs in excess can be harmful for the teeth. Not only this, it can also cause tooth decay. The amount of sugar in figs is high, due to which problems like toothache and decay can increase. That's why don't eat figs in excess.


Sulphite content is high in dry figs. According to health experts, eating more sulphide foods can increase the risk of migraine attack. In such a situation, do not eat figs in large quantities. That's why people who have more migraine problems, they should avoid eating figs.

stomach problems

People suffering from problems related to stomach pain should not eat too much figs. Eating it excessively has a bad effect on digestion. If you eat figs in excess, it can cause problems like stomach ache and gas.

stone problem

Do not eat figs even if you have a stone problem. Eating figs can increase the amount of oxalate in your body. This is the reason that there is a possibility of increasing the problem of stone in the kidney.

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