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Friday, August 25, 2023

Hair Fall: Keep hair tied or open? When hair breaks more, know the answer to this question

Hair Fall: Keep hair tied or open? When hair breaks more, know the answer to this question

Hair Care Tips:  Hair should be taken care of as much as we take care of our skin. Our work with hair does not end just by shampooing. To make hair healthy, it is most important to protect it from sweating, oiling it well so that the problem of hair fall can be reduced. With healthy practice, you can make hair strong and beautiful. Often there is confusion among women whether hair should be tied or untied, when more hair breaks. Let's know the answer...

hair should be tied or loose

Many women like to keep their hair open while some prefer to tie it. Experts believe that keeping the hair open can increase the problem of breakage. That's why it is advised to tie hair. It is advised to tie your hair while sleeping at night. However, whether to keep the hair open or tie it depends on the woman what she wants. Many times women complain that by sleeping with their hair open, they get more hair on the pillow in the morning, but by sleeping with it tied, they break less.

What are the benefits of tying hair

less hair breakage

By keeping the hair tied, it breaks less. When the hair is kept open, its dryness increases. When one sleeps with his hair open, then all his moisture takes the pillow. This makes the hair dry and lifeless. In such a situation, when you wake up in the morning, only hair is visible in every way. Therefore, according to your convenience, you should tie your hair and sleep.

get rid of frizzy hair

Keeping the hair open keeps them scattered in a random way. This happens due to loss of moisture in the hair and the hair becomes dry. To avoid frizzy hair, a satin scarf should be tied on the hair while sleeping at night. This keeps the hair protected and does not get frizzy in the morning. 

Shining increases in hair

It is said that hair should not be combed at night but this is just a myth. They don't get confused by sleeping with hair combed at night. If the hair gets tangled less then it will break less. By combing, the oil applied in the hair reaches from top to bottom. This also gives nutrition to the hair. That's why hair does not break much by combing.

hair will remain silky

Massage the hair thoroughly two or three times a week while sleeping at night. This brings shine to the hair. By doing this, blood circulation in the scalp increases, due to which essential nutrients are available to the hair. Massaging the scalp with fingers after opening the hair reduces stress and improves the health of the hair. This keeps the hair silky. That's why hair should be tied. However, keep in mind that do not tie the hair too tight, keep it a little loose. 

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