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Monday, August 14, 2023

Generic Medicine: What are generic medicines, are they costlier or cheaper than branded medicines? Know full details here

Generic Medicines:
The National Medical Commission has issued a new rule to promote generic medicines. Under this, now registered doctors will have to prescribe generic medicines for the patients. If a doctor does not follow this rule, then a provision has been made to take strict action against him.

For the last few years, the burden of diseases is increasing in India. The consumption of medicines in the treatment of disease is also increasing. Many medicines are also very expensive, which directly affects the pocket of the patient. If even one person in the family has fallen ill, then the budget of the whole house gets spoiled. In such a situation, recently the National Medical Commission has issued a new rule to reduce the expenditure on medicines. According to this, now doctors will have to write generic medicines in the prescription of patients. If the doctors do not do this then action can be taken against them. In some cases, action can also be taken to cancel the license.

Now it is also important for you to know why NMC has made this rule. Are generic medicines beneficial and how are they different from branded medicines? What are their advantages? Let us know all this in detail.

Any pharmaceutical company makes medicines for the treatment of any disease. Before making medicine, a lot of research is done on it. After study, chemicals are prepared to be used in medicine. In medical language, chemicals are called salt. Medicine is prepared by putting these salts in capsules or tablets. These medicines are sold in the market at different prices. Even if the salt in the medicines is the same, but if it is made by a big brand then the price will be higher. Generic salt medicines are also prepared for the patients. Salt in most of these medicines are similar to branded medicines. But people see the brand while buying medicine, there is no information about salt.

Difference between generic and branded medicine

If a big company is making a medicine, then it becomes branded, but if the same medicine is made by a small company and a light brand, then it is called generic. In both the cases, the medicine contains the same salt and chemical, but it is sold at different prices. Branded medicine is many times more expensive than generic.

For example, if a company sells a different paracetamol salt in the market with the same name, then it is a generic drug, but if a big pharmaceutical company sells this salt under its own brand name, then it will become a branded drug. Even though the salt is the same in it, but associating a brand with a medicine increases its price. Since money is spent in the promotion and marketing of branded medicine, their cost is also much higher than generic.

What are the advantages of generic drugs

Dr. Kavaljit Singh, senior physician in Delhi, says that generic medicines also contain salts of branded medicines. In such a situation, if the doctor has prescribed any branded medicine to you, then check its salt now. If you are getting the same composition in generic medicines too, then you can buy it. Generic medicine can be up to 50 per cent cheaper than the branded one. Since generic medicines are not publicized, people are not aware of them, but people are advised to pay attention to the salt and not the brand while buying the medicine.

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