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Monday, August 28, 2023

Comes on Facebook, traps like this, if it comes in talks, then understand that the earnings have been looted

The trap of fraud is increasing on Facebook, first of all, thugs send friend requests in the name of foreign women, then by becoming friends, they easily become victims of fraud, the person who accepts friend request on Facebook does not understand that when He was made a victim of fraud.

This story is about Prasun who was a victim of cyber fraud. He received a request on Facebook in the name of Angela. Seeing the foreign beautiful face, Prasoon ji immediately included Angela in his friend list. As soon as the friend request was accepted, Angela started chatting with Prasoon on Messenger. During the chat for about a month, Angela described herself as a medical professional, a divorcee resident of Ireland. Prasun also told everything about his family. Both started chatting almost daily.

Then one day Angela told Prasoon that she was coming to India on a professional visit and would like to meet. Prasoon became happy and offered to stay at her house. While thanking Angela, she asked to stay in the hotel. There is no hesitation in saying that till then Prasun was trapped in Angela's trap. He wove the threads of love and Prasun got entangled in that thread. Then Angela also told the date. A week later, on the day of the trip, Prasoon received a call from Angela for the first time and informed that her flight from London to Delhi had been missed. Now she will be able to come after a week. Desperate to meet Prasun got disappointed. Hotel money drowned, so different.

made a victim like this

A week later, Angela informed about her arrival in Delhi. Prasun was happy again. Had just left the house for the airport at the given time, Angela appeared on the phone. She said - My flight has arrived earlier. I was just coming out that the custom stopped me. Because the gift that Angela was allegedly bringing for Prasoon, duty has to be paid on it. Prasun asked the problem. Angela told that she has very little Indian currency and the customs people are asking for 72 thousand rupees. Angela said that if they send this amount to her number, then she will take it out of the ATM and pay it and come out of the airport. Prasoon sent this amount through UPI in a very convenient way. Some money was short, he took it from his friend.

After sending the money, he never got in touch with Angela. He also started saying that the mobile is switched off. Say it out of fear or hesitation, Prasun did not discuss this incident with the police, not even with the family members. Prasoon revealed this during a meeting with friends one evening. Then friends also made fun of Prasun. Lessons also given.

But you see where did Prasun go wrong?

1. When a friend request came on Facebook, they easily connected with an unknown woman. If you don't connect, that is, if you don't accept her request, then she would not be able to connect directly on messenger.

2. When she did all the intimate things, then Prasoon should understand why a professional woman sitting far away is talking to him like this?

3. If Prasun had reduced the chat by being careful there, he would have probably been saved from being a victim of fraud.

4. Angela allegedly informed about the early arrival of the flight at Delhi airport, arranged a local SIM card and talked about sending money through UPI.

5. Prasun's mind was not at all shocked. International flight can be 10-20 minutes early but not an hour-two hours earlier. A foreign girl stuck in customs arranges a SIM card at the airport. UPI also starts. She also asks for money. Still Prasun is not shocked. And become victims of fraud.

6. This fraud was of 72 thousand. It could have been more. Conscious people living in Delhi know that Nigerians are often caught in this kind of fraud here. They have been arrested for committing all kinds of crimes. Their actions make media headlines every day. Still people like Prasun were not alerted.

make friends with someone you know

Cybercrime expert IPS officer Arvind Chaturvedi suggests that in this digital era, on Facebook, you should accept only that person, whom you know by name, by face, by work. Avoid making friendship with any unknown man or woman. Quoting the story of Prasoon, he told that if this young man wanted, he would have been saved, but in reality he had given his heart to that Angela, who did not exist at all.

He is active as a man or woman only as a member of a thug gang. They tell that if Prasoon did not accept the friendship, he would not have got the freedom of direct chat in Messenger. Then if you are including any unknown person in your friendship list, then you should see his profile once. By looking at the post, a lot can be easily known about the person. Meaning, this kind of cyber fraud can be avoided with a little care. Prasun behaved carelessly at various places.

(Note- Prasun's name has been changed. According to Chaturvedi, there are many such Prasuns who have been duped)

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