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Friday, August 25, 2023

Chhaya Chandrayaan 3 in the market, from rakhi to kite, local businessmen are getting silver

After the landing of Chandrayaan 3, it is discussed everywhere. Alam is that now the demand for Chandrayaan printed products has started increasing in the local market as well. From Chandrayaan Rakhi to Jalebi in the market, businessmen are making a lot of profit.

With the landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon, India has created history worldwide. After the landing, there is a different craze among the countrymen regarding Chandrayaan. Because of which now local businessmen have also prepared their marketing strategy. Seeing the mood of the people, the businessmen launched the products related to Chandrayaan 3 in the market. However, the effect of this marketing strategy of businessmen is also visible. Even before Rakshabandhan, the demand for Chandrayaan rakhi has increased in the markets. Apart from this, the demand for Chandrayaan's Jalebi is also increasing at the sweet shops. The trending marketing strategy of businessmen is also getting their silver. Mission Moon has not only earned the companies making Chandrayaan, but local businessmen are also earning a lot from it.

Sisters will tie Rakhi with Chandrayaan

Even before Rakshabandhan, the craze for Chandrayaan 3 rakhis is increasing in the market. From small children to elders, there is a demand in the market for Chandrayaan rakhis. There was a different enthusiasm in the mind of the old man than the child regarding Chandrayaan, in view of which the businessmen have now put Chandrayaan rakhis, T-shirts, toys, jalebis, kites in the market.

From T-shirt to Kite-Jalebi

Who does not benefit from the trend. Looking at the trend of this Chandrayaan, the market also got painted in the same color in which people are painted. From Chandrayaan kites to firecrackers are being sold in the market. Meanwhile, T-shirts with ISRO and Chandrayaan prints are also in demand. At the same time, in the coming Holi next year, people can get chandrayaan pichkaris. The local economy of the country is getting a boost from ISRO's Mission Moon.

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