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Saturday, August 26, 2023

90 days and more than 5 challans are pending then your car is in danger, no buyer will be found

The cases of breaking traffic rules continuously and not paying challans on time are increasing rapidly, due to which the transport department is also worried. Because of which now the Delhi government has made a complete plan to make such people taste the fun.

If you also do not pay your challan on time, then this news is useful for you. Actually, now if you do not pay the challan of your vehicle within 90 days, then there may be trouble for you. If the owner of a vehicle has more than 5 challans pending in 90 days, then his car may be in danger. This is because in the national capital New Delhi, the government has made a master plan to break traffic rules and bring those who do not pay traffic challans on the line. Under which now the vehicle owner in Delhi who does not pay the traffic challan continuously, then his vehicle may suffer a lot of damage. Neither will he get an online fitness certificate for his vehicle, nor will he be able to sell the vehicle. The government has decided to put such vehicles in non-transaction category.

Online transaction of vehicles will stop

According to the rules of the Ministry of Road and Transport, the State Transport Department can stop the online transaction of the vehicle of those people who do not pay their challan on time or who have many pending traffic challans. The department has decided to put the vehicles of people with more than 5 pending challans for more than 90 days in the category of vehicles that do not transact on the vehicle portal.

20 thousand vehicles broke traffic rules 100 times

According to a Times of India report, a large number of vehicle owners in Delhi are repeatedly ignoring traffic rules. Surprisingly, there are 20,684 vehicles which have broken the traffic rules more than 100 times. Not only this, the owners of these vehicles have not even filled the traffic challan. The traffic police has taken such a decision after being troubled by the huge increase in such incidents. On this basis, the department has decided to stop the essential services of those who do not pay the challan.

Notice to 58 lakh vehicles

Till June 30 this year, the traffic police has issued 2,63,96,367 challan notices for 58 lakh 81 thousand 261 vehicles. Out of which the owners of 51,25,020 vehicles have not accepted 2,21,56,496 notices. Of the pending notices, 76,42,448 notices are related to 1,65,072 such vehicles, against which there are allegations of breaking traffic rules for 20 or more times.

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