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Saturday, August 19, 2023

10 year old innocent urinated behind mother's car, then what happened will surprise you

A 10-year-old boy was arrested and sent to jail in the US for urinating in the back of a car. The child's mother said that due to this whole incident, the child is in panic. At the same time, while giving clarification on this matter, the police said that it has taken action under legal rules.

A surprising incident has come to light from Mississippi, America, where a 10-year-old boy was sent to jail by the police for urinating. According to the New York Post, the police arrested the boy for urinating behind his mother's car. The child's mother told that the child is in panic due to this whole incident.

On this whole incident, the police has said that he saw the child urinating behind the car in a public place, so he was arrested. At the same time, while talking to a TV station, the child's mother said that the child urinated behind the car without asking. He further told that a police officer only warned him to return to the car, but other officers reached the spot and took the child to jail.

Giving details of this whole incident, the child's mother further said that sending a 10-year-old child to jail cannot be justified in any way. Narrating the whole incident, the child said that he was scared. When the police officer took the boy out of the car, he started crying.

The child told that when the police officer took him out of the car, he started trembling. According to reports, the child was sent back to his mother after some time after being taken to jail. However, his hands were not handcuffed during this entire incident.

What did the police say?

The explanation of the police has also come out on this incident. Citing the state's Youth Court Act, police officer Richard Chandler said children as young as 10 can be reported if they are caught doing something illegal.

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