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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Weather Alert: Government's preparation, after SMS, information will be available soon on TV-Radio before the weather worsens

The government now sends alerts through SMS on the phone before the weather worsens. Now soon such alerts will also be available on TV and Radio. Read this news...

India is a very sensitive place in terms of weather. In such a situation, the government sends SMS on the phone to send information and alerts about the deteriorating weather ahead of time. But now to make this alert system better, the government is preparing to send such alerts on TV and radio as well.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has planned to further expand its early warning system. Now it will not be limited only to SMS on the phone, but people will also get such alerts on TV, radio and other media platforms.

Alert will flash in the middle of the program

NDMA has recently started sending alerts about severe weather conditions like heavy rain, storm and heat wave etc. to people on mobile phones through SMS. Soon it is possible that such information will start flashing on your TV screen in the middle of the program.

Not only this, if you are listening to a great song on the radio, then it is possible that the song may get cut in the middle, because the weather alert of NDMA will also be heard on the radio in audio form.

At the same time, NDMA is preparing to go beyond phone, TV, radio and send this facility to other media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram social media etc. It can be such that you are watching a reel on Instagram and suddenly a weather alert message pops up in front of you.

Service will start by the end of this year

PTI quoted a senior NDMA official as saying that sending alerts through SMS was the first phase of the entire project. Now TV, radio and other mediums are being included in this. This is the second phase of the project. The second phase will be implemented by the end of this year.

Before sending SMS, NDMA used to use 'National Disaster Alert Portal' and 'Sachet' mobile app to send alerts. Now its place has been taken by 'Common Alerting Protocol Based Integrated Alert System'. With this, the alert sending agency Meteorological Department, Central Water Commission, Indian National Marine Information Service and Indian Forest Survey have been added. Apart from this, other disaster management agencies and disaster management authorities of the states have been integrated by bringing them on a single platform.

Alert will reach in all languages

The NDMA official told that for this facility people will not have to subscribe to any WhatsApp, email or SMS group. People will get these alerts automatically. This will be the world's largest early alert system. At the same time, people will get these alerts in Hindi, English and other local languages.

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