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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Uniform Civil Code: Now send your opinion on UCC, E-mail is also issued, time is 30 days

Uniform Civil Code is the law in which all religions and sects of the country will not be given any special rights, under this act everyone will get equal rights. On this, the Law Commission has asked the people for their opinion.

After the 21st Law Commission report came out, now the 22nd Law Commission is preparing the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) report. New information is coming out in this matter that the Law Commission has sought their opinion from the general public in 30 days. The Law Commission has issued an e-mail ID to collect this opinion. Any person can freely give his views about UCC by mailing on this email.

Law Commission has issued Membersecretary-Ici@gov.in email address on which mail can be made. Apart from the general public, ideas have also been invited from religious organizations on email within 30 days. Rajya Sabha MP from Delhi Congress Pramod Tiwari has said on this that he is a member of the party who believes in Nehru and Ambedkar. He completely believes in the constitution. Tiwari also said that he does not want to give opinion on anyone's agenda.

Tiwari has indirectly targeted the BJP government. He has also said that when the central government will officially present the draft on this, then he will read that draft. He said that only after the draft comes, he will give his opinion according to the spirit of the constitution. He said on Asaduddin Owaisi that he reads only those scripts which are written by the BJP. During this, he said that Owaisi is not BJP's B team, but BJP and Owaisi are twin brothers who take care of each other.

What is uniform civil code

Actually Uniform Civil Code is the law under which all the citizens of the whole country will get equal rights. In this, contrary to the special exemption given under the law on the basis of religion and sects within the country, it will be applied equally to all. If the 22nd Law Commission submits its report in its favor, the BJP will immediately try to convert it into law. If a law is made on this, then the same rules will be implemented for people of all religions and creeds in matters like marriage, divorce, succession, adoption.

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