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Saturday, June 17, 2023

Uganda School Attack: Terrorists attacked school in Uganda, killed 41 people including 38 students

38 students have died in the attack on the school in Uganda. Of the 41 bodies retrieved from the scene after the attack, 38 are of students. This attack has been carried out by the Allied Democratic Force.

Suspected terrorists attacked a school in the African country of Uganda. After this attack, 41 dead bodies have been recovered from the spot. Of the bodies recovered in the brutal attack, 38 are of students. The attack was carried out in Mpondwe town on the Ugandan border. Police said that the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) attacked the Lubiriha Secondary School in Mpondwe town on Friday. The ADF has been carrying out attacks for years from its base in the eastern part of neighboring Congo.

Mpondwe mayor Selwest Mapose said 38 students were among those killed. Apart from this, a guard and two people from the local community have also died. All of them were fried with bullets. Actually, the terrorists who carried out this attack have links with the Islamic State. At the same time, officials said on Saturday that terrorists attacked a school near the Congo border, in which at least 25 people died. Questions are also being raised on his figures.

Looting in food store

The police have directly blamed the Allied Democratic Force (ADF) for the attack. He says that ADF fighters also attacked the school. The school that was attacked is in the Kasese district of Uganda, which is located 2 km from the Congolese border. Police said in a statement that a hostel was set on fire and a food store was looted.

So far 25 dead bodies have been recovered in it and they have been transferred to the hospital. The police also told that the condition of eight people in this attack is serious. A government official and military spokesman say that many people have been abducted. It is not yet clear whether all the victims are students or not.

Ugandan army searching for attackers entering Congo

At the same time, after this attack, the Ugandan army has also come in alert mode. Ugandan soldiers entered the Virunga National Park in Congo in search of the attackers. Along with killing the attackers, the army also wants to find those people who have been abducted. An official who appeared before the media on behalf of the President told that the number of people abducted in this attack is being ascertained.

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