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Thursday, June 15, 2023

The passion to see the world is such that the woman left home and lives in a truck, know how she is living

There are many people in the world who always keep their hobbies above all else in life. For this, he also gets ready to leave everything. Even in recent times, the story of such a person has become a topic of discussion these days.

Every person wants to do a good job after being educated. So that he can fulfill all his dreams in life. But there are some people who have a different flair for living life. Because of which he does such a thing that the whole world is surprised to see his exploits. One such case has come to the fore these days. Where a girl leaving her high salary has now started living in a truck. Seeing which the world is quite surprised.

There are many people who do not understand corporate life at all, they leave their jobs… start one or the other startup or do something that is a little different. It means to say that they keep their passion above 9 TO 5 job.

Know why this step was taken?

Look at this girl named B Molly who left a very high paying job and started living in a truck. There was a good salary in the job, but then leaving it, he made a four wheeler truck a home because he feels that this life is much better than that life.

Molly tells that she is very fond of traveling and it was not possible with her corporate life. In such a situation, he left his job and started living in a truck to travel to different places in North America. Sharing his story on social media, he told that at first he felt that he would not get that pleasure in this life, but as time passed, I started liking this life more.

Because of this life of his, the world likes him a lot on social media. Molly also keeps posting videos related to her everyday life with her followers. Apart from this, she also shares videos on other platforms. Which is very much liked by the people.

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