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Monday, June 5, 2023

Preparations for the launch of Hyundai Exter, these five features will overpower Tata Punch

Hyundai Exter Launch: Hyundai Exter will be the newest car in the micro-SUV segment. Tata Punch has a lot of fire in this segment. Let's see on what merits the Exter can take on the Tata Punch.

Hyundai is preparing to launch the new micro-SUV car Exter. It will be the latest car in the segment. The upcoming SUV will be launched on 10 July. It will give tough competition to the popular micro-SUV Tata Punch . Currently, the Punch is the best seller in this segment. Bold design, SUV look, on the basis of 5 star GNCAP safety rating, Punch attracts a lot of people. However, the Exter is also all set to challenge the punch.

The South Korean auto company will launch the Exter in the market as a rival to the Tata Punch. Now it has to be seen how the new car from Hyundai competes with the popular Tata Punch. Let us take a look at 5 features that will make the Exter a tough competitor to the Tata Punch.

5 features of Hyundai Exter

6 Standard Airbags: Hyundai has announced that 6 airbags will be given as standard in the upcoming SUV. While buying a new car, people have started paying a lot of attention to the safety equipments. Therefore, for better protection, Exter can become a good option. Let us tell you that Tata Punch is the safest car in this segment.

Dual Dashcam and TPMS: The upmarket Exter will come with dual dashcam and TPMS. This dashcam will record the journey for vlogging etc. and collect footage for safety and evidence. At the same time, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will keep an eye on the tire air.

Extra Features: Many great features will be available in Hyundai's upcoming car. These will also include features that will be given for the first time in cars of this segment. On the basis of all these features, Hyundai is the second largest car company in the country.

Hyundai Sales and Aftersales Service: Hyundai has a huge network of dealerships. This is much higher than Tata Motors. Here you easily get sale and aftersale service. It takes a long time to prepare the infrastructure for such services.

Resale value of the car: These days the market of used cars is growing rapidly. That's why people try to understand the resale value while buying a new car. Hyundai cars get good resale value. Its spare parts are also easily available anywhere in the country.

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