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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Nepalis fighting the Russia-Ukraine war thousands of kilometers away from their country, but how?


Soldiers of Nepal can be seen not only in the army of Russia and Ukraine but also in many countries of the world, there are many reasons behind this, the biggest reason is respect and good pay scale.

About a month after Russia 's invasion of Ukraine , the news of a Nepalese soldier came to the fore, according to reports, Pratap Basnet was fighting this war on behalf of Ukraine. This report was widely viewed across Nepal. At the same time, Nepal had said that its foreign policy is of neutrality and non-alignment. However, on the issue of Ukraine, Nepal sided with the western countries and criticized Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Recently such evidence has come to the fore in which it has been confirmed that Nepalese soldiers have joined the Russian army. According to reports, on May 16, a Russian military officials has further simplified the policy of joining the army, after which hundreds of Nepali soldiers are signing contacts to join the Russian army. These soldiers will get citizenship of Russia after 1 year of service in the army.

Russia eases military recruitment

There are many among these Nepali soldiers who have already retired from the Nepali Army. A retired Nepali soldier says that he previously worked as a security guard in Dubai, but after such an attractive offer from Russia, he reached Russia and joined the Russian Army. He told that the Russian military authorities have simplified the criteria to join the Russian Army, due to which he did not face any problem.

The retired Nepali jawan told that during the recruitment of Russian soldiers, he used to pay attention to the grip of Russian language, but now only knowledge of English is enough for him. He is currently in a military camp in Russia. He said that training is not difficult as he has already done such training in Nepal. Although he also mentioned that the weapons of the Russian army are very modern.

Nepalese soldiers in the British Army from 1815

Please tell that there is no data about how many Nepali soldiers have been recruited in the Russian army at present. But it is being told that Nepali soldiers are being given private citizenship here. This has been done many years ago in the history of Nepal, in which the soldiers of Nepal have been sent to join the British Army and the Indian Army. Since 1815, Nepalese soldiers have been recruited in the British Army under the name of 'British Gurkha'.

After the independence of India, it started being recruited in the name of 'Indian Gorkha'. Not only this, since 1949, soldiers from Nepal have also been recruited in the Singapore Police. Nepal is the second country in the world to send maximum number of soldiers to the UN Peacekeeping Force. But, the soldiers of Nepal do not go anywhere under the non-UN mission.

The soldiers of Nepal do not join the army of any country only under the foreign policy of Nepal, but they can also do this as a private citizen. For example, thousands of Nepali soldiers have joined the French Army while there is no agreement of any kind between the two countries. Nepali soldiers also go to join the US Army for US citizenship, according to USCIS i.e. United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, Nepal is the seventh country in this list, before that Philippines, Mexico, China, South Korea, Jamaica and Nigeria come.

Why do Nepalis leave the country

The soldiers of Nepal do not hesitate at all to go to the army of other countries, on behalf of Nepal and voluntarily they join the army of other countries. There are many reasons for this tradition. As the history of Nepal has been full of many wars, the people here have a different place in martial. Modern Nepal has emerged after the battles of many princely states. Apart from domestic battles, Nepalis have shown their strength in the wars of Tibet and China, while Nepali soldiers have been involved in all wars after 1815 from the British side.

India has had a similar history after India's independence. Joining the army is a very good employment opportunity for the youth here. A big reason for this is also that there is no special option for these jawans in Nepal. Problems like unemployment, low salary, lack of jobs in the Nepalese army are another reason for this.

Nepali soldiers can be seen fighting with the army of any country without any ideology. If these soldiers get respect and good salary. That's why we are seeing that Nepalese youth are fighting in the armies of both Ukraine and Russia.

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